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About Me

“Champagne Taste  on a Beer Budget”

My Mom always said that about me and its very true.  Leanna loves pretty things, food is better when its pretty and served on pretty dishes.  Wine tastes smoother out of the appropriate wine glass.  Bling, sparkle, feminine touches and themed decor make me happy.  I have learned how to have these things on a budget.  Life is to be enjoyed, with a little effort and imagination a everyday home can be fabulous.  If you have the same wants and tastes I am sure you will find my posts helpful.

Once upon a time I had to make everything as cheaply as possible.  I had champagne taste and couldn’t really afford beer.  I learned how to cut hair, wore thrift store gowns to Chamber of Commerce meetings.  I learned how to DIY the things I wanted on a budget I could afford. Instead of buying a new plate charger I learned how to remove spots from thrift store linen napkins and fold them into pretty shapes.

Now life is a bit easier, the boys are grown men, the purse strings are a little looser.

Afghan, Crochet, Pattern, DIY, Super Chunky Yarn, Wool
Stay Warm and Snuggly

Now I still make things myself but for different reasons.  My goal is still to have a fabulous a home as possible, I want my home to be unique, I only want to own things I treasure.

My blog is about my journey to simulate  a beautiful champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

I hope you hang around for awhile, check out some of my projects, write a comment, pop me an email, offer your feedback.  I would love to hear from you and I will write back.