Home Tours

Home Tours for Each Season

Over the last year I have been really fortunate to participate in seasonal home tours. Home tours are very large posts to put together as  they highlight all the seasonal  diy home decor projects.  It also makes them perfect to showcase the things I create and encourage you to spend some time looking through Of Faeries and Fauna.

I hope this page inspires you with ideas for your own home. Its exciting to be creative, seasonal decorating is just so much fun.  Seasonal decorating opens the mind  to the new season and all the new festivities we have to look forward to.  Revamping  and rearranging what I already have are big parts of my seasonal decorating.  Trust me I have to do it on a limited budget and you can as well.

Video Format

My goal for each season is to make the house pretty, bright and welcoming; while keeping the clutter under control.  Unfortunately taking photos remains a learning curve for me.  Its  very challenging (actually impossible) for me to capture the feel of a room in a photo.  Bear with me on the photo quality, because the decor should inspire you.

As home tours have so many projects and photos, I compiled them into videos for you. Crossing my fingers that you like this approach.   Each video is about a minute long except Christmas of course.  Enjoy!

Spring 2017

Our Spring was so late arriving this year, you all heard me whine about it.  Due to the awful weather I was not able to include any outdoor pictures in the Spring Home tour post.    It was kind of sad not to have outdoor flowers in a Spring tour, so I put together a short Spring Front Porch video to include in this page.

My Spring decor is all about flowers, pastel colours and bunnies.  The Easter decor mixes in with the Spring stuff.  Not that anyone needs an excuse to leave bunny decor out, but Edmonton has lots of wild jackrabbits giving me a excuse to keep the bunnies out long after Easter.


Christmas 2016

My Christmas decor has been white for 30 years.  White Christmas decor use to be very hard to find, now its much easier to locate.   This is the first year I have had red Christmas decor.  Not sure why it was the year to have red, but who needs a reason.  Red goes really well with my existing white decor so I was able to reuse the majority of it, the rest of the decor came from 5 metres of red tartan, some. red wool, craft paints and art charcoal.

Fall 2016

In our last home the fall decor was teal and orange.  Its really quite nice so if you haven’t tried it go to Pier One and put the colours together, its not as weird as it sounds.  In this home the big windows mean its bright and I keep it that way I use neutral fall decor. Neutral decor isn’t as popular as the orange is, but paired with the earthy metals it works.

This was the very first home tour I was invited to join in on.  Faeries and Fauna was only three months old. It was  impossible to contain my excitement.    For 2017 fall I am going to keep some of this stuff and maybe add some emerald greens.


Hope you enjoyed tours.  Take a peek through the blog posts to find the various tutorials. Thanks for spending some time here, I am glad you did.