Simple Countdown Calendar for Christmas

Easy to Make Countdown Calendar

When I saw that the 12 Days of Christmas was doing a Christmas countdown calendar I knew I wanted to create something very simple.

There are no little ones at home and Hubs works away, so if I did make one of those gorgeous advent calendars, I’d end up creating the calendar only to open the gifts myself.


Countdown Calendar for the Days Until Christmas


Instead, I designed a Simply Countdown to Christmas sign, it’s more of a gentle reminder of how little time is actually left until the holidays.


Welcome to Day 3 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

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On the first Day, we designed  Wreaths

On the Second Day, we made  DIY Christmas Gifts

It’s Day 3 and we are sharing DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar Ideas!

How to Make a Simple Christmas Countdown Calendar

This simple countdown calendar is basically a small chalkboard that you can write the days remaining on.  Of course, you can use it as a plain chalkboard and if you’re like me, you never have too many.

The supplies for this project come from my stash and craft room.  Just like the wreath I shared on day two, try and utilize what items you already have on hand.     I actually had all this stuff in the basement, I absolutely love when that happens.  To make the countdown calendar you will need the following:


Large white platter from Ikea

A smaller plate charger, mine is wood but any kind would work as long as you can paint it.

Chalkboard paint,  red paint

Small paintbrushes.

White and black paint pens

Days Til Christmas Printable

Gorilla Glue

Embellishments to suit your decor –   I used two types of ribbon and a pom pom, but how about ribbon and pinecones or faux greenery, even glue some child’s toys to it, like old matchbox cars.


Countdown calendar made with chalkboard paint

Painting the Countdown Calendar

The Ikea platter is left as is.  Start by painting the plate charger.  Paint the center with at least three coats of black chalk paint, following the containers directions.

Paint the rim a coordinating colour, this one is acrylic paint called Tomato Red.  I gave it two coats letting them dry in between coats but the acrylic was much faster drying than my chalkboard paint was.

Print out the printable, the lettering has a bit of a curve to it already, but if you need more or less just ut the wording into bits and arch the pieces as you need to.


Christmas countdown calendar.


Cut out the paper close to the letters so you can see what your doing, do the same with carbon paper.


DIY Countdown Calendar transfering days 'til Christmas lettering.

Trace out the lettering.  If you find you donèt like the transfer use a white eraser to remove it.  It’s surprising how well it works to remove the carbon.

Using the paint pens paint over the templated letters.

Let everything dry well.

Assembling the Countdown Calendar

Flip over the painted charger and using gorilla glue, glue along the outside rim.

Flip the painted charger over, apply weight and let the glue dry for a couple of hours.

The Ikea platter has holes in the pattern all around the outer edge.  To hang the countdown calendar weave a cord through the holes in the Ikea platter.  Tie a knot at the back and hang.

Days until Christmas Countdown Calendar


Scroll down for many more DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar Ideas for your holiday season!


21 thoughts on “Simple Countdown Calendar for Christmas

    1. My kids always had the chocolate ones from the store, I think these DIY ideas are so much nicer. But for adults I like this simple version.

    1. Thank you Maria. I love the large elaborate advent calendars, but they just don’t fit our families current lifestyle, so I made this one instead.

  1. I’m totally with you! Hubby and I have a Count Down till Christmas that we now will share with my Dad while he stays with us! This is so cute Leanna!! Who would have thought an Ikea Platter could be so awesome!!

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