DIY Christmas Ornaments Snowman Star

Snowman DIY Christmas Ornaments for the Tree

Sharing Christmas ornaments is such a simple way to create memories.  When a girlfriend comes to our home she is invited to pick out an ornament from our tree (except my family sentimental ones).  So when Shirley from Intelligent Domestications told me about the DIY Christmas Ornament Exchange I  wrote Erlene begging for an invite way back in July.

My partner is Maureen from Red Cottage Chronicles.  We are both Canadians, so I instantly thought of snow and created this sparkly snowman star ornament.  You can see Maureen’s and 50 other bloggers DIY Christmas Ornaments at the Ornaments Exchange Link Party, be sure to check it out. if you love DIY ornaments there is sure to be several new ideas to inspire you.

This DIY ornament can be hung on the tree, a door, or even in a window.   He/she is about six inches long and sparkles from a dusting of glitter.

DIY Christmas ornament


To make one you will need 1/8″thick fibreboard, I purchased a quarter sheet at Lowes and can make more than a dozen from it.

Supplies for your DIY Christmas Ornaments

Fibreboard “1/8” thick

Scroll saw or jigsaw and sandpaper

White chalk paint

Carbon paper and pencil

Snowman star templates

Acrylic craft paints in orange, blue, soft pink, black

Tiny paintbrush and a dabber or cotton ball

Wire and/or red spray paint

Spray on adhesive and fine iridescent glitter (optional)

Hot glue and beads, berries, buttons, rags.

Drill with small bit

As we don’t have a scroll saw, Hubs used a jigsaw to cut out the little star shapes.  Once cut use 60 grit sandpaper to round the corners.   Stacked the little stars together and drill two small holes for the wires. The placement is on the snowman template.

Paint the stars with two coats of white chalk paint front and back.  Let the paint dry between coats.   You may need to use  120 grit sandpaper along the edges to remove paint drips.

Cutting and Painting DIY ornaments for the tree.


Print out the snowman face patterns,  cut each face template out, and the carbon paper into the shape of the head.  This makes it easier to line up the template to the wood star. There are a total of five different faces on the snowman star templates so you can pick your favorites.


DIY Ornaments snowman stars with templated faces


Place the cut carbon paper on top of the star then the template and trace lightly with a pencil.  Make sure to do it lightly.


Christmas DIY snowman ornaments with template.


Your pattern will transfer making them super easy to paint with a tiny artist’s brush.


Christmas DIY ornament with transferred patterned face.


Don’t worry if you have any smudges,  just remove the carbon using a good white plastic eraser.  Make sure the end is clear by rubbing the eraser onto a rag.

Painting the Snowman Face

Give your little snowman soft rosy cheeks.    Using a dabber or a piece of cotton ball dab it into soft pink craft paint.  Dab off most of the paint onto a paper towel before applying to the snowman.  I used the dabber and found the edges of the dabber made distinct round markings on the edge.  If this happens dry brush a little bit of white paint on top to soften it.

Paint the facial features on using a tiny artists brush.

Spray the snowman with spray-on adhesive, and dust him with iridescent glitter.

I considered softly sanding the top to smudge the snowman, you can try that technique if you don’t like the glitter.

Add Embellishments

As you can tell from the blog my theme is black and white buffalo check, so I used some buffalo check scraps to make scarves.  I tried to crochet some red scarves, but the wool was too heavy.   The buttons are berries from faux Christmas branches, but you can paint them on, or use buttons, or sparkly embellishments.

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DIY Christmas Ornament a wooden snowman star.




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    1. I have done that for a long time, and its always been an affordable way to give some love at the holidays. Glad you like it.

    1. Thank you Jenny I had not seen a star ornament done as a snowman before so I wanted to send my friend something unique.

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