Halloween DIY Front Porch Sign- Hiss and Scratch Inn Poster

Halloween DIY Sign featuring Hiss and Scratch Inn

This Hiss and Scratch Halloween DIY sign has been rumbling around in my head since summer after I made this DIY wood plant hanger.   Making the simple wood hanger work through different seasons makes perfect sense to me, starting with this Hiss and Scratch Halloween sign.


Halloween DIY sign for a Halloween Front Porch


The Halloween black cat theme has been carried through all my Halloween decorations this year.  Black cats are a traditional Halloween theme but aren’t too scary for the little trick and treaters.

The full look has three parts, including a few options to choose from.

Halloween DIY Sign Tutorial


To make the sign for the above hanger as shown you will need the following:

17″ by 28″ piece of plywood

2 Eye and Hook gate latches

80 and 120 grit sandpaper

Black Paint

Mod Podge and the poster


Cut the plywood and sand the edges to remove any slivers.  If you already have a stand that you built I believe you can accommodate the sign by changing the dimensions.

Line up the two eye and hooks on the stand and the plywood.  Screw into the wood.


DIY Halloween sign being suspended with Hook and eye latch fasterners


Paint the front and the back of the sign black.  Apply two coats letting it dry completely.  I suggest overnight.

Have your 16 by 24″ printable, printed in high-quality colour to 17 by 28 inches.  There are two versions to choose from.   The posters were commissioned and after a few tries, the artist was able to create these for me.    Although I paid to have the artwork made, they are posted in the Faerie Insider’s library and are free for subscribers.

Halloween DIY Hiss and Scratch Inn free poster templates.

The first Hiss and Scratch poster has no wording and houses, the second version one features tree and Happy Halloween.    I thought the one with houses suited my urban setting so I chose that one.

Once you have the poster printed trim any white edges from the printable.


Halloween DIY Hanging Poster sign of a Black Cat


Apply a thin layer of mod podge, then the Hiss and scratch poster.  Let dry and hang.


Halloween DIY decoration for the front porch with black cats.


The sign looks great just as it is, but I am practicing super simple woodworking skills so I added some optional Wood Black Cat Silhouettes.


Not ready to make it yet?  Please Pin for Later!

Halloween DIY sign before and after of black cat sign on Halloween front porch.

The cats cost me nothing to make as I used the leftover black paint from painting the sign backdrop.  Of course, I named them Hiss and Scratch.

Happy Halloween 




10 thoughts on “Halloween DIY Front Porch Sign- Hiss and Scratch Inn Poster

  1. Love how your awesome wood sign frame is being used for the seasons. Your Halloween sign is adorable and I think you made the perfect choice with the houses! Question – did you have the poster printed somewhere? Pinned to share 🙂

    1. Lol… I chuckled to myself designing it as well lol. A legend in my own mind sometimes…glad you like them Michelle…my artsy friend.

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