Pumpkin Decorating Idea using Birch Bark and Flowers

Pumpkin Design Idea using Birch Bark and Flowers

Pumpkin design ideas are everywhere this time of year,  with so many beautiful ideas its difficult to come up with something different, but I am hopeful this is a new pumpkin design idea.

This DIY pumpkin centerpiece requires birch bark.  If you don’t want to purchase birch bark, this post on making a birch bark ribbon shows you how.


Fall decorating ideas using a pumpkin, birch bark and flowers

Pumpkin Decor Supplies

Large paper mache pumpkin

White paint

Birch bark (or birch bark paper)

Pins, scissors

Mod Podge

Florist foam

Assorted fall florals

Hot glue gun and glue

Make the Birch Bark Pumpkin

Starting with a paper mache pumpkin, paint it white and let dry.  One coat is fine and any white paint you have on hand will work.  Painting the pumpkin first will prevent any small gaps in the birch bark from showing.

Cut the birch bark in ragged pieces and strips, then mod podge the bark to the pumpkin.  Don’t worry about being symmetrical with the birch bark, just glue various pieces and shapes of bark in a horizontal position around the pumpkin.

Adding birch to a pumpkin centerpiece


You will find that thinner pieces of bark are easier to glue then thicker pieces.  On some pieces of bark you can pull off thin strips of the bark, these very thin pieces glue very easily.

For the thicker pieces after you add the mod podge, use stick pins to hold the bark in place until the mod podge dries.  Then remove the pins. If you find that the edges don’t shape,   snip the edges and then fold the edge down.

Applying the mod podge took several hours mostly in drying time.  I recommend doing a few pieces, then let them dry,  If certain pieces hadn’t adhered properly snip along the problem edge, apply mod podge again and reattach.

Once your pumpkin is covered and dry, use a glue gun to adhere any curled up edges.

As the birch bark is very patterned and beautiful on its own. create a simple arrangement for the top using white fall flowers.


DIY pumpkin centerpiece.


Creating the Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Twist the florist’s foam onto the stem portion of the pumpkin.    Add hot glue underneath the foam to secure it in place.  Add a crown of moss, I did not glue mine, but you can if you prefer.

Adding moss to a pumpkin centerpiece


Remove the leaves from your fall flowers and insert them.   Visually divide the pumpkin into thirds.  Insert your leaves into the moss.  If the stems aren’t long enough to insert into the moss, wrap the stems in florist wire to lengthen them before adding.


Attach florists foam to a pumpkin for a fall craft.


Next, add your main focal point and flowers.  I had purchased three so I did a triangle starting with the largest flower.


Creating base of fall pumpkin arrangement


Add your secondary flowers between the large focal point flowers.  You can see I used smaller purple toned grey flowers and faux stems for mine.  Just fill in the spots between the large flowers in even amounts.  This gives the display symmetry.


Filling in a fall pumpkin arrangement with neutral flowers.


You can display your pumpkin as it is, place it on a tiny stand with mini lights like I have, or place it on a plate as a large focal point.  This is the last of the DIY pumpkins I am making for Fall, although I wish I had time to make more.


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DIY pumpkin decoration for fall decorating.

20 thoughts on “Pumpkin Decorating Idea using Birch Bark and Flowers

    1. That’s very kind Jenny. I enjoy playing with elements that have contrast, like burlap and lace, or this pumpkin with birch and flowers.

    1. Hi Emily. I am fond of the lighter neutral decor as well. It’s brighter and airier somehow. My son teases me that of course, I do. More white! lol

  1. This is one of the prettiest pumpkins I’ve seen this year! I love it and can’t wait to make one for myself. Hope I can do your project justice 🙂 Pinning!

  2. How lovely, Leanna! I love the softness of the florals combined with the rustic look of the bark. It’s all put together so well. This would be gorgeous as a centerpiece. Pinning.

    1. Thank you Beverly. I made it with the contrast between the more masculine bark, and feminine flowers. I know that is so badly sexist, lol. But I like the contrast as well. Glad to know it was noticeable. I appreciate you commenting to let me know.

  3. That is so pretty! We have a few birch trees around us and I just love the texture and colors of them. What a wonderful way to bring them inside. Pinned.

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