Halloween Apothecary Jars -Easy Halloween Decor

Halloween Apothecary Jars

Halloween apothecary jars are so fun to design and make.   For these apothecary jars, I chose two different traditional Halloween ideas.    The inside decorations can be whatever you chose, purchased, dollar store or handmade.

Making these apothecary jars took about 10 minutes, followed by several hours and hundreds of photos to reduce glare.  The jars are nice and shiny which is wonderful for making them pretty but for photos that’s another story.

Haunted House Halloween Apothecary Jar

These little-haunted houses are easy to find, I saw them at Home Sense, Michaels and even the dollar store.  I chose this one for the glitter.  The tree is a Halloween pick from Michaels and the little cat on the pumpkin is from Michaels miniature Halloween displays.

The jar, the mini lights, and the branches were from my stash.  This miniature haunted house cost $6.00 from Michael’s on sale.

These Halloween Apothecary Jars only take a few minutes to put together, and shopping for the little characters is adult Halloween fun that doesn’t contain sugar.


Haunted house Halloween Apothecary jar arrangement.


Make sure the opening of your apothecary jar is large enough to fit the haunted house ornament.

Fill the bottom of your jar with filler.  I used some dollar store super chunky grey yarn.  Just stuff it inside until the bottom is flat.

Tape the battery pack to the back of the haunted house, secure with tape.  Place the house inside the jar, taking a little bit of wool camouflage the battery back on the back of the house.


Haunted house inside an Apothecary jar, an easy Halloween decor idea.


Poke the Halloween branch sprig behind the house and wrap it with lights.  Add in any remaining ornaments.


A front foyer decorated for Halloween with pretty Halloween Apothecary jars.

Graveyard Halloween Apothecary Jar

The Halloween ornaments for the graveyard are quite tiny and topple easily, especially the tiny gravestones.  To work around this cut a round piece of paper, and then wrap your wool gluing it to the paper as you work.  Once the paper is covered, trim off the excess wool and place the paper mounted wool into the bottom of your jar.  Taking this extra step made it much easier to arrange the small ornaments.


Wool base for bottom of Halloween Apothecary jar


All of these little Halloween graveyard ornaments came from Michaels.   Michaels had a sale on but I suggest doing some shopping around to see if your dollar store has any.  Our stores haven’t got much inventory yet.


Halloween apothecary jar with miniature graveyard figures.


Once you know how you’re going to arrange your little ornaments,  place them in your jar.


Halloween graveyard decoration in a Halloween apothecary jar.


The little graveyard would be so much fun to shock and scare people in an office setting.  I don’t think they would expect it inside a pretty jar.


A graveyard arrangement for inside a Halloween apothecary jar.


I am hopeful you can see that the jars are pretty and sparkly, especially with the little star lights.


Halloween decor using Halloween apothecary jars in a haunted house and graveyard theme.


Here is another Halloween post for you.  These apothecary jars are great for the front entrance, but how about these Front Porch Ghosts made using flowerpots?

Faeries and Fauna Graphic for Pinning



Sparkly Apothecary Jars for Halloween decorating.


Have you ever considered making anything like this for Halloween?

I would love it if you have, please let me know what you created.

Happy Halloween


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  1. They’re both super cute and I love the way you used the wool to create the base for the graveyard. It looks like creepy mist swirling around. So clever and a really fun way to decorate for Halloween if you don’t have a lot of space

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