Easy and Inexpensive DIY Coffee Signs for Your Coffee Bar

DIY Coffee Signs for an Easy Coffee Bar

Over this summer I have been focusing on projects that I could make from a too large wood scrap pile.  Its actually been lots of fun and most of the projects are super inexpensive as well.  This particular project I did for free.  If you don’t have all the supplies on hand like I did the signs should still cost less than $5.00.

Coffee Bar for the home using three tier tray and DIY coffee signs.


These ones were made using 1″ by 8″ lumber that I cut into four-inch slices.  You will need any kind of 1″ thick lumber or plywood that you can cut into 3 – 4″ by  8″ squares.

Paint or Stain

60,120,150 grit sandpaper

Graphite Paper, and Pencil

Black Sharpie Pen

Coffee Makes Me Perky Template

Cut and Sand the Lumber for the Coffee Signs

The lettering will fit like mine does as long as your cut your rectangles to 4 by 8-inch blocks.  If you change the size you make need to tweak the wording template size.

Once you lumber is cut, sand until smooth using 60,  80 and then 120 grit sandpaper.  Round the corners and the edges.  I did mine by hand as the pieces are small and easy to work with.

Paint the Coffee Signs

We are out of white chalk paint, so these coffee signs are made using white pickling stain.  You can use whatever you have in a colour you like.  The blocks received two coats of stain and were sanded well between each coat with 150 grit sandpaper.

Transferring the Wording

Print out the Coffee Makes Me Perky template and then cut out the wording.


Coffee Sign Templates for a DIY Coffee Bar


Place a sheet of graphite paper on top of the wooden block.  Put the template wording on top of the graphite and trace the lettering using a pencil.  You may prefer to place the quotation marks a bit higher on your sign then the template does.  If you do skip tracing them and add them at the end using a black Sharpie pen.

DIY coffee sign that says Coffee.


Once you have the lettering traced onto the wood block, retrace the letters using a black Sharpie or fine tipped paint pen.  Let dry overnight.


DIY Coffee Sign for a Coffee Bar


Wipe or erase off the graphite.


Layer of a Coffee Bar for fall, showing DIY Coffee Signs


The little coffee signs were placed into a 3 tier galvanized tray.  I added some white cups, a mason jar for sugar, a vintage sifter holds the teaspoons.  There is room for more items like coffee flavourings, or small snacks.


Bottom layer of DIY coffee bar with handmade wood signs


DIY Coffee Bar Signs in a 3 tier fall display.

When I first created an organized coffee bar the family wondered why I bothered.  The funny thing now is when  I took it down to update it, they were asking when I was going to put one back.  They found it really handy having everything centralized and on the counter, especially for groggy mornings.

This one has either a farmhouse feel or a neutral fall feel, but these little signs will work during any season.





16 thoughts on “Easy and Inexpensive DIY Coffee Signs for Your Coffee Bar

    1. It certainly is on trend! I really like the Tall Dark and Handsome font on picmonkey but don’t have commercial rights. This tall thin font was a deal from creative market. I could have drawn my own but at the price, I didn’t have to. Yeah!

  1. I love these Leanna, they are simple and so much fun, they can be used in many ways and go with any kind of decor! Lovely idea and I also love that little owl!!

    1. Thank you Katrin, I was thinking about a coffee saying first thing in the morning before getting up, playing with words. I love word twists. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thank you Sam. I was at a garage sale yesterday and there was a large bucket of wood scraps for sale for cheap. I managed NOT to buy it, as I got to get a handle on my stash. I did find a large piece of chop block that I hauled home though lol. Baby steps.

    1. Thank you Debra. I am working on fall decor outdoors and loving it. Coffee is one of my favorite things and every morning the thought of that first cup is what gets me up at going.

    1. Thanks Michelle. I was brainstorming for words I could play with when “perk” popped into my head. My sense of humour loves word plays.

    1. Thank you Debra. I am still working on using up what I already have on hand. Travelling to Haven was pricey from here, feeling the pinch now that I am home. Oh well it was worth it.

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