A Fairy Garden for Easter

Easy DIY Fairy Garden

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This little fairy garden for Easter can be whipped up in ten minutes or less.  It takes more time to gather the supplies than it actually does to put the fairy garden together.  You don’t need to get dirty and its super safe for children to do.  There is not hot glue gun needed just some tape and toothpicks.

A diy Fairy garden idea for Easter with a few Easter eggs and an Easter bunny.

Fairies love the wide open air, so instead of placing this fairy garden inside a cloche, it contains a miniature teacup setting inside a birds nest.

In the interests of time and a more than average brown thumb, this fairy garden is made of faux everything.  The inspiration for it was this little moss covered bunny I found in my stash.  He reminded me of what a fairy Easter bunny would look like so I ran with the idea.  I think he is just beyond adorable.

A diy teacup fairy garden with faux moss covered craft articles for Easter


The next stop was to Michael’s fairy and succulent section, where I found the moss rocks and some fairy miniatures.

How to Make the Easter Fairy Garden

To make one of your own you will need.

Large nest

Pretty teacup

Tiny fairy and tiny fairy accessories

Moss covered styrofoam rabbit

Moss covered styrofoam stones (mine had succulents)

Various moss-covered stones

Faux ivy vines

Natural moss

Small Easter eggs

Tape and Toothpicks


Place a bed of moss in your nest.

Wrap ivy around the outside of the teacup and attach with tape at the bottom.  Place your teacup and saucer in the basket.

Place a toothpick into the underside of your styrofoam bunny to stabilize and then place him near the front of the teacup.


A faux moss covered miniature bunny as part of a diy fairy garden.


Add the styrofoam rocks using toothpicks like you did the bunny.

Display some moss inside the teacup and add your fairy and her accessories.  I love this tiny set because it even has a little tea service on top of the table.  I love how it snuggles inside turning the teacup into a little covered patio.

Closeup of a teacup fairy garden, with a tiny table set.

Finish your display by adding moss and greenery to camouflage any areas that don’t look natural.

Finally add the Easter eggs, because it can’t be an Easter bunny basket without eggs, can it?

Fairy garden idea using faux moss covered rocks and a teacup,

Some Other Ideas for Your Fairy Garden

This is a perfect little arrangement to bring some fun to the office setting, or to someone in the hospital.  It causes no allergies, doesn’t need sunlight and you don’t need to remember to water it.

Or how about making one for a Grandmother for Mother’s day.  Purchase the items and her and her grandchildren can spend a few minutes designing the basket. It may not smell as nice as fresh flowers, but it will last much longer.

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DIY Fairy Garden for Easter



17 thoughts on “A Fairy Garden for Easter

  1. Thank you very much Debra. I had boughten a birds nest that I hadn’t used yet and when I saw the little bunny I knew exactly what I wanted to make with him.

    1. Thank you Michelle. It was lots of fun to put together, I always enjoy creating fairy anything. I need to do more of it.

    1. Hi Janine: The Creative Makers consistently create high value content, so each month I am excited to join in, see what the other makers create and share them. Thank you for including me!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is such a cute fairy garden Leanna. The bunny is so adorable and fits right in. Lovely idea of making it indoors this time of year!

    1. I have a larger fairy garden that I create for out in the yard on the deck, but it’s much too early to plant it, so this is a nice indoor alternative.

    1. Thank you Marie. I originally had no plans for a fairy garden this year, but then I came across that little rabbit. I appreciate the pin very much.

  3. Ahhhhh, you know me and fairy gardens. I love what you did Leanna. Its so adorable. It really does look like the little fairy sneaked found a tea cup in the garden and decided to turn it into her little secret space away from the baby fairies. It’s lovely

    1. Thank you Michelle. I was going to do a teacup in a cloche, but changed my mind as I think faeries would prefer the open air. You live in the perfect habitat for faeries, and of course you make so many gorgeous faerie crafts. I secretly wonder if there are any.

    1. Hi Michelle. Thank you, aren’t those moss covered baby rabbits adorable. This Easter I have had my eye out for some ornamental lambs as well. Now it needs to warm up for us and we can really enjoy Easter.

  4. This is just adorable! I love that it’s an indoor fairy garden, we just finished some kid friendly versions ourselves. It’s nice to create them and not have to worry about watering or upkeep.

  5. Leanna you are the Queen of the Fairy gardens! This is really adorable. All that green grass, it certainly will bring spring and Easter up to your neck of the woods.

    1. I know that I whine about the weather too much, but this time of year truly is hard. We have a big snowstorm coming for the next few days and its -18C lows which is about -1F. It is very tiresome, especially when blogging and seeing all the fresh new yard posts. The fairy garden does make a difference, Hubs actually noticed it this morning and commented that it was a nice comparison to what was out the window lol.

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