DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art for the Mantel

Not Scary Halloween Art

Chalkboards are not only trendy they are versatile and so very easy to update.  Updating decor thru Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas is just so much activity, I am keeping the DIY projects for Halloween to a minimum or easy to do like this chalkboard.

DIY Halloween chalkboard art with an owl. Halloween Chalkboard Art, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor


If you already have a large chalkboard this Halloween Owl takes less than an hour and costs one piece of white chalk.  If you don’t want to purchase a chalkboard I have added some quick tutorials for you but this post is focused on creating the owl design for Halloween.

Buy or Make a Chalkboard

To make a chalkboard purchase a large framed piece of art or mirror from the thrift store and give it several coats of black chalk paint.  Make sure to let it dry between coats and add as many coats as the manufacturer of your chalk paint recommends.   Personally, I like Martha Stewart’s chalk paint which is what is used on this refurbished chalkboard.

If you’re like me and can’t wait to find a good frame, go ahead and make one.  Purchase good grade 1/4″ thick plywood then sand it with fine sandpaper until it is as smooth as possible.    Paint the plywood with several coats of black chalk paint.  Make sure to let it dry between coats.   Use whatever moulding you like, cut to length, glue the moulding to the plywood then add small finishing nails creating the frame.  Make sure to clamp and let dry overnight before staining or painting the frame.

Decorating the Chalkboard for Halloween

This chalkboard is large so it fits above the mantel.   As this alcove above the mantel is such a focal point for the room,  if I am going to do a seasonal decor theme I need to have a large backdrop for the mantel.   It also prevents Hubs from putting a gawd awful TV in the alcove.

Halloween Chalkboard Supplies

You will need:


Printables (included)


White Chalk

The most important thing to remember when creating this Halloween chalkboard is that you are working like its a negative.  The owl silhouette is bare chalkboard you are adding the chalk around it to make the shape appear.

To Create the Circle

Judge the size you want for your circle to be mine is 26 inches.    Using the chalk make an x  where you want the center of your circle to be.  Cut a length of string and wrap the end of it around a small piece of chalk.  Hold one end of the string where the central X is and  draw the outside circle.  If you need to move your hand go ahead just place the end of the thread back on the X and you should be fine.    Once finished erase the X.

Drawing a circle to start the moon on Halloween Chalkboard Art. A DIY Halloween decoration or Halloween project. This project is not scary. as
Print out the large owl printable.  The printable is one two pages, line the two halves of the owl printable together and tape well.  Cut out the owl shape.


Owl printable patter for creating a DIY Halloween Chalkboard for cheap Halloween wall art.Halloween Chalkboard Art, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor

Place the owl shape where you want it within the circle. (Source Pixabay) Outline the outside of the owl with chalk.

Print out the tree printable.  Use it as a guide for drawing your branches.  Mark the outside of the branches leaving the centers blank.

A owl and moon silhouette drawn in chalk on a Halloween Chalkboard. This DIY Halloween decor is not scary. Halloween Chalkboard Art, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor


Using the side of a piece of chalk to make the chalk marks wider and smoother, fill in all the areas between the owl and the branches and the outside of the circle.

Using a slightly damp cloth wipe away any chalk residue showing on the black portions of the chalkboard.

An owl against the moon chalk board art for Halloween. Cheap, and not scary Halloween decor. A decorating for Halloween art idea.


This is my completed mantel.


Pretty Halloween mantel with a DIY Halloween Chalkboard that is not scary. , Elegant Halloween, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor

I prefer to have cute Halloween decorations that are not scary. or ugly.  Anything really creepy would make me feel down, and I don’t want anything that would scare little ones.  If you wish to see how I decorated the rest of the living room check out this  Bling on Halloween post.

Happy Halloween

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Halloween chalkboard tutorial with an owl

Halloween Chalkboard Art, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor

17 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art for the Mantel

  1. Wow- this is so simple yet so amazing! I never thought about setting up a chalkboard like this lol. It’s a great way to exercise my artistic skills while also keeping it in season. Thanks for the inspiration Leanna!

    1. Your very welcome Randi, the best thing about chalkboard art is its so easy to remove and retry it. Thank you for commenting, its always nice to hear from you.

    1. I have no real artistic skills, if there was one thing I wish I had more of. Breaking it down into a craft project means I can create something of my own. Have a great week.

    1. What a kind comment Michelle, I really appreciate the feedback. I absolutely love owls as well and would give anything to see a living one, they are so beautiful.

  2. What a creative and fun project! Like others mentioned above, I have never thought of doing a chalkboard for Halloween! But the images, and the simple black and white color scheme are just perfect! Thank you so much for sharing the how-to !!

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts Kristine. The black and white seem more elegant than the typical orange and purples. The chalkboard is super easy to do. Have a great weekend

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