DIY Halloween Banner

DIY Halloween Banner

In this post I have placed this DIY Halloween Banner on the mantel, but don’t you think it would look really nice along the front of a sideboard for a Halloween party as well.   For this year I really wanted to incorporate dark red velvet into my Halloween decor instead of the typical orange and purples.  I love the colour and it adds a dramatic feel.

You may have seen this DIY Halloween banner in an earlier post that I did for the Owl Chalkboard, but today I am sharing the tutorial for the banner.

A DIY Halloween banner tutorial, a DIY Halloween decor idea that is more elegant than it is scary.Sewing Instructions

The paper I found has a really pretty black and white harlequin Halloween pattern that I love.  Because of this pattern I had to design the size of my paper banners to match the pattern.  The paper banners are approximately 3.5 inches wide and 4 inches long.

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Once you know the size of the paper triangle portion, use the paper triangle as a pattern for your cloth background.  Add one inch to all sides using chalk to mark the fabric first and then cut out.  Cut out 12 triangles to make six banner sections.

A hand made background in black for a pretty not scary Halloween Banner and Halloween Mantel

Place the good sides of the fabric together,  I didn’t find it necessary to pin the material together.  Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the triangle leaving one inch open on one seam.

Turn our triangle right side out, iron and sew the open portion closed.  Repeat for the remaining banner sections.  Set aside and continue by making the red swag and bows.

Start by measuring your fireplace to judge how much longer the material needs to be.  Our fireplace is 64  inches wide.  Add 36 inches to the length to allow for draping and tails.  For this banner, I cut two pieces of velvet 40 inches wide and six inches high.

 Sew the two lengths of material good sides together to form one long strip.

Then fold the long strip good side together.

Sew along one short seam and the one long seam.   Iron your material well,  I did not need to pin my material together, but you can if you find it easier.  Sew the fabric along one short seam and then the long seam.  Turn it right side out and sew the one open end closed.  You will end up with one long strip about 80 inches wide and 2.5 inches high.  Set aside and start making the three ribbons.

To make the three ribbons, cut six lengths of material 12 inches wide and six inches high, and three lengths of material 3 inches wide and 2 inches high.

Lay the 12 inch strips flat and fold the edges into the middle.  Iron.

DIY Halloween Banner,banner halloween, diy halloween decor, diy Halloween decorations

Next fold the two ends into the middle overlapping a little bit and sew by hand to gather and secure.
gHalloween banner made with fabric.

Once that is done wrap the thread around the center to form the bow and tie off.  Repeat for the other two ribbons.


A ribbon tutorial for a Halloween Banner. This is a not too scary

To cover the middle of the bows take the three short (3″) inch pieces of material, fold over the edges by 1/4 inch, press and then sew along the very edge.  Set aside and continue with the paper portion.  It will look like this but do not sew the wrap to the ribbon.

A ribbon for a DIY Halloween Banner to decorate a Halloween themed mantel.

Creating the Paper Portion of the Banner

The lady at the card store told me it was possible to sew card stock paper to a banner.  As I find this super easy and I love how secure it makes it I recommend giving it a try..  If you prefer to use double sided tape or hot glue, by all means, do so.

Sewing paper to fabric on a DIY Halloween decoration. This Halloween banner is not scary and its pretty although Halloween themed.

Using either a cutting machine or by printing the letter out on cardstock using your printer and then scissors make your letters.  The letters are 3 inches high.

The Halloween Banner parts of a not scary Halloween craft.

If you are using two different types of paper like I did, make sure to alternate the paper style for each letter.  Arrange the banner pieces out on a table and using double sided tape attach the letters.

The scrapbook store in Edmonton had some really cute assorted Halloween cut outs which added variety to the banner.   You can purchase them at craft stores as well, or print some out on card stock and cut them by hand.    Place the extra little printables on top of your letters as you like.

Assembling your Banner

Hang your banner up onto the mantel.    Place a ribbon in the middle.  Wrap the little portion around both the ribbon and the long swag and pin into place from the back where it doesn’t show.  Repeat this for the other ribbons.

DIY Halloween Banner,banner halloween, diy halloween decor, diy Halloween decorations

Add the Banner Letters

Work from the outside of your banner and place the first two letters on the long strip.  Attach the fabric banner pieces by hand sewing the corners or using a safety pin from the bak where it won’t show.  Repeat this for the other end.

Place your next two letters near the center of your hanging banner.

Finally place the last two banner pieces between the ones you have already attached.

DIY Halloween decorations in burgundy and black. This is a not scary banner that looks nice on a Halloween Mantel.


For this banner, I have a command strip to adhere for the centre portion to the mantel and used the two cats to weigh down the other two ends.

Happy Halloween




How to make a Halloween banner for Halloween decoration.


8 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Banner

  1. Wow- great instructions and excellent photos to show the step-by-step! This banner is very festive and creative! The cats on either are the perfect finishing touch. Yes – it would look great on a buffet, but it really does look charming on your mantel! Thank you for all this detail!

    1. Hi Kristine. This is the first banner i made using fabric instead of some sort of cord, glad you liked the amount of detail I put in the tutorial, its a judgement call for sure.

    1. Thank you Elise. I really like the look of the material swag as well, not sure if I am going to make one for Christmas, but it would be pretty with lace or some sort of sheer I think.

    1. Hi Debra. I love banners as well, easy to make, endless variety and take up almost no storage room. Happy to hear you enjoy this one. Happy Halloween.

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