DIY Feathered Wreath for Halloween

Pretty and Soft – Feathered DIY Halloween Wreath

Have you seen the gorgeous black feather wreaths in the stores for Halloween.  They are full, shiny, beautiful and expensive.  I wanted one but once again couldn’t bring myself to pay the price to buy one.  This diy version cost $10 to make with a wreath form and Halloween accessories.

DIY Halloween Wreath, Halloween Craft Ideas, DIY Halloween Door Wreath

This wreath takes about an hour to make, I would never have made one had I not seen the really beautiful ones at the store.  The feathers are soft and pretty and not garish at all.


The  feathers and the rats are dollar store items, the little sparkling witch hat and wreath form came from Michaels with coupons.

DIY Halloween Wreath, Halloween Craft Ideas, DIY Halloween Door Wreath


To make one of your own you will need.

An 18″ wreath form

Florist’s wire

Two black feather boas from the Dollar store

A black rat or owl or kitten

Appealing ribbon

Lay your wreath form flat on a table.  Cover it with one of the feather boas.  Attach the boa to the wreath form using wire ribbon. Make sure that the wreath form is covered.  This is what the Halloween wreath looks like with only the one feather boa.  The wire blends right in but the feathers are a bit thin.

DIY Halloween Wreath, Halloween Craft Ideas, DIY Halloween Door Wreath

Add a second black feather boa to the wreath and attach with florists wire.

Hang up to make sure the feathers stay in place.  If not attach them with more wire.

Make the Bow

This ribbon is the pattern I was looking for and I love it.  Unfortunately the ribbon is not wired so I was not able to fluff the ribbon as I usually do.

To make one of your own you will need.

Wrap the ribbon into 3 about ten inch loops.  Secure the middle with wire and then knota shorter piece of ribbon around the wire.  Secure it to the frame with the wire.

Create the Centerpiece

It does not matter what you use for the centerpiece.  I chose a rat and added a sparkly black witches hat for party flare.  You can use whatever you think is fun.

DIY Halloween Wreath, Halloween Craft Ideas, DIY Halloween Door Wreath

The plastic rat has very hard ears so I was not able to remove the hat stem and attach it to the rat.  I went ahead and cut out the middle of the hat.  Then I glued the hard brim around the ears with hot gluegun and then reglued the top back on to the hat brim.

I think he’s a debonair little guy all dressed up for Halloween fun.

DIY Halloween Wreath, Halloween Craft Ideas, DIY Halloween Door Wreath

The little rat was attached by wrapping his little tail through the wiring and then a second bit of wire over his foot.

The little vignette I created is for the pictures only.  I will likely hang him up on the dining room window, but that makes for awful pictures.  He does look cute hanging off the mirror though and with this little sparkly hate I think he is down right adorable.

A True Rat Story

I use to volunteer at a animal shelter doing laundry.  One day they told me they had put a little rat in there because it was warm for him sitting right beside the dryer..  I was creeped out but went in the room anyways.  He was the ugliest thing I have ever seen, not only was the poor beastie a rat, he had spent his life in a glass enclosure on a bed of cedar chips that he was violently allergic to.  Poor guy was covered in bleeding scabs, he had no hair left on his body.  All there was was scabs and a pink nose.

They changed his bedding to shredded newspaper and gave him cream for the sores.  Poor little guy, can you imagine how much he suffered.  I actually fell in love with him and tried to talk my landlord into letting me have him as a  pet.  I saw him twice a week for six weeks while he healed and shed a couple tears when he got adopted out.

Moral of the story, not all rats are bad lol


The actual purchased feathered wreaths are very elegant but plain.  This wreaths feathers are more tossled and fluffly looking but I doubt I could make it elegant using a cute little rat for adornment.

Happy Halloween



DIY Halloween Wreath, Halloween Craft Ideas, DIY Halloween Door Wreath


14 thoughts on “DIY Feathered Wreath for Halloween

  1. Your wreath is appropriately spooky. You are getting into the Halloween spirit. The poor little rat. Although I am not a fan of rats one cannot condone cruelty to any animal. I am glad he got adopted and lived happily ever after.

    1. It’s so funny how a personal experience will change your opinion. They are not an endearing creature, but that little guy stole my heart.

  2. The rat on your pretty Halloween wreath is adorable with his little hat. Love the feathers and the ribbon choice too. Sad for the real rat you helped comfort back to health but dang, I’ve only seen one real rat in my 59 years and that was plenty enough for this rodent-phobic gal.

    1. Love the conversation topics at Halloween. Rats and snakes don’t creep me out very much, but I saw a Halloween wine glass with bugs and kisses on it. I was grossed out because the bug was a spider. I’d own it twenty years and never drink from it.

  3. You have a kind heart! Poor little thing, how could you not like incorporate cute black rats into decor once you’ve had the experience? I am so scared of all the allergic reactions various chemicals and essential oils cause to living creatures.. Who knows what the shredded cedar what treated with, or perhaps it was its own oils that were to blame. Most recently my son developed severed asthma symptoms and it took forever to discover that it was all due to a stupid essential oil I had added to my otherwise natural ingredient spray for moist dusting. I was blaming myself for the longest time. So done with essential oils in result, lol. The wreath though – gorgeous. I really, really like feather boas and frequently pick them as accessories for costumes, never thought of making a wreath with them though.

    1. Wow, I thought essential oils were the safe alternative to chemical sprays. Glad you found the allergen that couldn’t have been easy to figure out. Unknown allergies are the worst.

  4. Ahhh Leanna, that wizardly rat makes this wreath so adorable. He doesn’t look creep at all just curious and cute. I’m so happy to hear that your live rat friend at the shelter found a good home. They make lovely pets and have so much personality.

    1. They are tiny and this little guy was clean. I don’t want to be dealing with a rat infestation, but I certainly find the plastic ones cute instead of scary.

  5. I love this! What a fun and a little bit spooky Halloween idea! Those are my favorite kind of Halloween decorations. Pinning. Thanks for sharing at our Halloween Link Party, Leanna.

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