How to Add Farmhouse Charm to Fall Decor

Farmhouse Fall Vignette

Welcome to our very first Farmhouse Hens Decorate Hop.  As it is Sept 1st we chose to post about Farmhouse Fall Vignettes.  The other Farmhouse Hen posts are located at the end of my post.   I hope you are as excited to see them as I am.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style is an incredibly hot trend and no wonder as it blends in with all kinds of other decor.  Its totally acceptable to add little pieces of farmhouse decor for fun and it does not have to include a house renovation or a move to the country.

Adding a few well placed farmhouse style items in your home is all you need to bring the charm of farmhouse style to your living spaces.

How to Add Farmhouse Charm, Farmhouse Fall Decor, DIY Fall Decor, Farmhouse fall decor

By its simplest definition, farmhouse decor is decorating with things you often see on a farm.    Not only farm style animal decor, but  solid wood furniture, diy furniture, hand made rugs, or curtains.  Then there is enamelware , white ironstone, galvanized items, flour cloth cushions, home made art,  fresh flowers from your yard and vintage items such as mason jars put into use again.

Farmhouse decor can also include larger items like farmhouse sinks, wood beams, white painted cupboards, planked walls,  exposed wood shelves, hardwood floors and my favorite large front porches.  Farmhouse decor does not need to have these large ticket items as small items mix  very well with most other decor styles.

How to Add Farmhouse Charm, Farmhouse Fall Decor, DIY Fall Decor, Farmhouse fall decor

In the vignette I have taken a white ironstone pitcher (it says milk on the back) with my favorite fall flowers.  The mini pumpkins are dollar store pumpkins chalk painted white with cut out paper leaves.  They are left over place holders from last year.

How to Add Farmhouse Charm, Farmhouse Fall Decor, DIY Fall Decor, Farmhouse fall decor

Where one side of the vignette is all about ironstone, the other side is all about wood.  The wood pumpkin and apple are both Home Sense finds.   I chose a berry bowl  and filled it with a bedding of eucalyptus before snuggling the wood apple on top.  The  simple wood cutting board adds a little colour behind all the white.

The Chicken Wire Frame

I prefer to have a tall backdrop on  vignettes placed against a wall.  A large frame, or a piece of artwork works well for this.  On my last trip south to the states I found the teal  metal chicken at Hobby Lobby.  I saw it and knew immediately what to make with it.  The chicken was $4.50 in a half off sale and then 20% discount after that.


How to Add Farmhouse Charm, Farmhouse Fall Decor, DIY Fall Decor, Farmhouse fall decor

This little chicken wire backdrop is very easy to make  and adds the height needed to group the vignette.


You will need:

1 – 8 ft length of 1 by 2

Chicken wire (dollar store)

Copper spray paint

Tiny bit of dark stain for frame

Metal centerpiece (chicken)

4 L metal angle brackets for frame

Nails, sandpaper,  staple gun

Cut the 1 by 2  into two 21 inch pieces and two  23  inch pieces.

Form the pieces into a square and nail the corners together.  Stain the frame.

Attach the corner braces to make the frame extra sturdy.    You can skip this step if you prefer.

Spray paint the chicken wire as the plain silver wire does not look right for indoors.  Make sure the wire is tight and staple around the edges as you work.  The best method is to staple in the middle on all four sides then work outwards.  Once you have the wire stretched and stapled, cut off the excess wire.

Wire the chicken motif  in the middle.  I actually used the cut off  chicken wire  for this.  The motif was wired at the head, the tail feathers and both feet.

How to Add Farmhouse Charm, Farmhouse Fall Decor, DIY Fall Decor, Farmhouse fall decor


Let’s see what the rest of the Farmhouse Hens have created.

Collage of farmhouse decor including DIY chicken wire frame, ironstone, wood and flowers for farmhouse decor.

Welcome to the very first Farmhouse Hens Decorate.

We are all very excited to introduce our shiny brand new blog hop.  Only once every month  I join five of my favorite bloggers to create our  best farmhouse style decor.  These fantastic bloggers inspire and challenge me with their blogs and we hope to challenge and inspire you as well.  I highly recommend each one of them.

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How to Add Farmhouse Charm, Farmhouse Fall Decor, DIY Fall Decor, Farmhouse fall decor


DIY Farmhouse Style Frame Art and Vignette for fall.

53 thoughts on “How to Add Farmhouse Charm to Fall Decor

    1. Thanks for commenting Debra. Really trendy decor items will date your home eventually. I am old so I remember when everything was sea foam green, rose and brass. For furniture and decor it was fine, but when people put it on permanent fixtures it made their homes look so 80s lol. Do you remember that fad lol.

    1. Thank you, those pumpkins are super easy. Two coats of chalk paint and cut leaves held in with the original stem. They make great place holders. Thank you for commenting.

  1. Leanna, your fall farmhouse vignette is just lovely!! Sunflowers are my favorite fall flower! The rooster on the chicken wire is classic farmhouse goodness and looks right at home amongst the gorgeous ironstone! Thanks so much for organizing this fun #farmhousehens blog hop!!

    1. Hi my friend. I am super excited about the blog hop. Sunflowers are such a beautiful part of fall. They have such big shiny faces glaring towards the sun. They seem so cheerful and happy to me.

    1. Thank you Carolann, I see your house as being feminine romantic. You do not strike me as farmhouse either, but it really is extremely fun to do some farmhouse decor occasionally.

  2. It all looks so pretty! LOVE the flowers 🙂 Silly me, I thought the chicken wire frame was an ac filter 🙂 Thank you Leanna for linking up at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I shared your post on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  3. Last year was my first year in blogland and I was so far behind on fall and Christmas posts. This year I tried to get started a bit earlier. I am really enjoying the changes to your blog and the new store. Congrats.

  4. Wow, I love your vignette Leanna. The chicken wire frame & rooster gives an added bit of soft color. Like the mix of cutting board and your whites too. Especially like the pumpkin…oh well, I like all of it. Creating balance vignettes is not something that comes easily to me.
    FLORENCE @ VintageSouthernPicks recently posted…Memories of BeezerMy Profile

    1. Hi Florence. The thing that I find challenging with vignettes is using what I already have on hand. I usually end up grabbing some things that I think work and then layer them in a pattern. I am glad you like it and appreciate the feedback very much.

    1. Thank you Sam. I enjoy making novel little touches for the table and am glad to have some leftover for this year. Thank you for commenting.

    1. Hi Tori, I bet they will love it. Something hand made is always the best present. Thank you for letting me know you like it that much.

  5. I am definitely warming up to the farm house as it draws me in with its simplicity and warmth. Given that I used to gravitate towards more contemporary, clean looks I feel like I am gaining a new dimension of appreciating the simple life. I love your suggestions in this post and find them to add a cozy, homey feeling without a hint of clutter. The other ideas too!

    1. Thank you very much Milena. Farmhouse is very forgiving add to most types of decor. Its just so trendy now, but I am always cautious about going too far with trendy looks. Have a great week.

  6. When I saw the picture for this post, it was so cute, I just had to come check out what you were doing. I had NO idea that you made the centerpiece of this vignette! I thought the whole thing was straight out of Hobby Lobby. I lOVE it!
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Canada does not have a hobby lobby and I so wish we did. I am really happy to hear you liked it that well. Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you Janine, with the kitchen renos I am behind but it will all come together. Thank you for the compliment I appreciate it.

    1. Thank you very much Jackie. Farmhouse decor can be less than perfect as it is to replicate what a farm family could have had in their homes. If you want to try a diy project something farmhouse styled is a great place to start.

    1. Hello Marci, that really great. Thank you for giving credit and letting me know. I look forward to seeing your post.

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