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Easy Fall Themed Decorations for your Fall Room Decor

Adding Fall Themed Decor

I had to think about which project  to share today and chose two simple sewing projects that provide inexpensive impact to your fall room decor.  I am using older orange/rust decor that I could not bring myself to give it away yet, and I refuse to add to it.  My fall theme is to use this typical fall decor and add flare with teal highlights.  The teal adds contrast and impact and can be used for other seasons.

Fabricland had this very nice teal curtain material on for $4.00 a metre. I checked the label several times and still think it could be a pricing error. Lucky Leanna purchased 2 metres of the fabric to make these accessories.

DIY Curtain Tutorial

I wanted something dramatic at the back of the room to provide a backdrop for the table centerpiece and newly redone dark kitchen table set.  My curtains are cafe style as they provide privacy and let the light in.  The tutorial will work for any size of push on drape you want to make.

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Simple curtains are really easy to sew. Straight seams and no pattern required.  To start you just need to calculate how much material you need.

To make the either or both the curtains and table runner you will need; material, matching thread, pins, scissors, chalk and a sewing machine.

Measure for the Material

Measure the width of your window, tis will be the width of ONE panel of your curtain. You will need two panels to allow material for the gathering.

Measure the length you want for your curtain then add 6 inches (4.5″ for the top and 1.5″ for the hem).

In other words, you need the width of your window times two and the length of your curtain plus 6 inches

Once you know the length and width you can ask at the fabric storefor  how many metres (yards) you need.  The yardage required will depend on how wide the bolt of material you like is.

Cutting the Material

The hardest part of this project is cutting the material straight. Do a little test and along the very end of your fabric.  Cut a little snip into the material and see if you can rip it. Believe it or not ripping the material results in a straight edge. I was super lucky with my material as I could rip it both ways. Sadly if your material doesn’t rip, you will have to carefully cut your material making sure it is straight. You can use a measuring tape and add chalk marks to help guide you as you cut.

The measurement for my window is 70 inches wide and 29″ long. Using the calculations above, that means I need  two panels 70″ wide and 35″ long.

Side Hems

The double width of the material is for gathering and fullness. It will not matter that you use a 3″ off the side for hemming the edges.

With the good side ( the side you want to show ) of the material down, fold the side of the material (the edge that will be the side of your curtain) over 1/2 inch and press. Fold it again at one inch, press really well and pin into place. Do the same for the opposite side.

With matching thread sew close to the edge of the open seam edge. Sew the seam as straight as you can.  Repeat for the other side of the curtain panel.

Fold, press and stitch the side seams of the second panel as well.

Top Hem

The top hem will have two seams to create a slot for the curtain rod.

Fall themed decorations, easy fall decorations, fall room decor, fall decoration ideas,room decor for fall.

Fold the top of the material 1/2″ and press.

Then fold it over 3″, press and pin into place.

Sew a second seam 1/2″ (1/4) from top. Again make sure this seam is as straight as you are able to sew.  The majority of curtain rods will easily fit into this space.  If your curtain rod happens to be very large you can give it a little more room by sewing the top seam at 1/4″.

Repeat the process on the second panel.

The Bottom Hem

Hang your curtains on the rod. Using a chalk mark or a pin. mark where you want the bottom hem to be.

Remove the panel from the rod. Fold over the bottom seam at the mark and press well. Turn the upper part of the seam under, press and pin as you work along.

Fall themed decorations, easy fall decorations, fall room decor, fall decoration ideas,room decor for fall.

Sew the seam along the open edge of your hem. Repeat the process with the second panel.

Hang the curtain.   My curtains are inexpensive temporary curtains I put up just for fall.  As they are not permanent accessories I used a simple push rod to hang them.

DIY Table Runner for Fall Themed Decorations

I have a couple of traditional coloured fall themed table runners.  To add the teal theme I created this very simple teal undercloth  from the left over curtain material.   This simple second layer adds depth to my vignettes and adds the colour theme to my vignettes with very little cost.

Fall themed decorations, easy fall decorations, fall room decor, fall decoration ideas,room decor for fall.

I am decorating for the fall home tours, you will see more angles of these projects once I share the fall home tour posts.  For now I hope you can see how the little undercover runner adds depth to the arrangement, while coordinating with the teals in the vase and the pumpkin.

Under Table Runner Tutorial

The existing table runner for my front entrance foyer table is 74 inches long and  15 inches wide. The under runner should be the exact same length and at least two inches wider on both sides.

Fall themed decorations, easy fall decorations, fall room decor, fall decoration ideas,room decor for fall.

The runner could work on its own but it is fairly plain.

Cutting the Material

Start by measuring the table runner you want to use.  Add ten inches to the length and width. For example  I cut my material 84 inches by 25 inches.

Starting along the long seams fold your material in 1/2 inch and press.

Fold in again 4 inches, press and pin.

Do this on the opposite long side and then the two short ends.

Sew your hems near the open edge of the hems,  this is what gives you the nice large double edge all the way around the runner.

Fall themed decorations, easy fall decorations, fall room decor, fall decoration ideas,room decor for fall.

Once your runner is sewn give it a final good pressing especially along the outside edges and place on your table.

The last month in our home has been kind of overwhelming with simultaneous projects. After a week with no kitchen sink, our kitchen is almost done, hub just needs to install the kitchen lights.  He managed to find matching tiles for the backsplash so they need to be installed.  The craft room is almost done but I need to do some trim painting and find some inexpensive stand up lamps for makeovers.  The front porch is starting to come together for fall but we need to get flowers and wait for real pumpkins to be season.

To be honest it makes it a bit of a challenge to post.  All these time consuming things happening but like this post no real final product to show you. Like I said earlier these runners will be all pretty in the fall home tour.

This woman is  seriously ready for a pumpkin latte, with pumpkin pie on the side.

Do you think the extra layer looks more dramatic and designer?

Pin and Share the post for me please.   If you like it,  I bet your friends will too.



Fall themed decorations, easy fall decorations, fall room decor, fall decoration ideas,room decor for fall.

23 thoughts on “Easy Fall Themed Decorations for your Fall Room Decor

  1. I love the teal with the traditional fall colors. The curtains and runner add just the pop of color. It does sound like you have a lot going on right now. Take a break, put your feet up and enjoy your lovely fall decorations.

    1. Hi Debra: I most certainly do but it will all come together. Thank you for the feedback on the teal. I am longing for a road trip to enjoy the last days of summer, even just for a day.

  2. Yes, I like the teal under the beige of the original runner. Especially because it ties the runner to the color in the decor objects. Nice.

    1. Thank you Naomi. The teal is dark, but we recently painted the main room white so its not gloomy at all. Appreciate the feedback.

  3. Is all so pretty, love the teal pumpkins and teal curtains, under table runner. The teal really sets off other pumpkin colors, very gorgeous. Great idea putting teal fabric under gorgeous table runner. Did you buy the tablerunner? Love the vines.

    1. Thank you JaneEllen. Yes the vine is purchased and a few years old. I don’t remember where I purchased it, but most likely it was Home Sense.

  4. I just love the teal runner and pops of color always appeal to me in a huge way. Sounds like you are working on a lot of home projects. What fun! I can’t wait to see the completed projects!

    1. Thank you Carolann. Its been a long wait for the granite, hubs installed lights but I have to wait for the tiles to get installed.

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