Luminary Fall Decorating Ideas to Brighten the Lengthening Evenings

Were off to the USA  this week for a horse race and Leanna gets to enjoy the much better shopping available south of the border.  I am really hoping fall craft supplies and materials are available  early.  Before we leave I wanted to have some idea of what I needed to find.  My shopping list consists of teal decor, fabric and lighting.

Building on What You Already Have

For the past four years my fall decor has been neutrals and metallics, I have started a nice collection of neutral fall decor, if you haven’t seen it, here is last year’s Fall Home Tour. Neutral decor is so light and airy compared to the earthy and colourful rusts, browns and oranges, typical of fall decor.

So what’s with wanting teal?  We cleaned out our storage room giving two pickup loads to charity.  Out went the green Christmas decor, all kinds of artwork, curtains, bedding, towels, even my life size hand painted snowmen went, but  I just could not bring myself to part with the  orange fall decor.  I tried twice and finally decided. if I was going to keep it, I was going to use it this year.

Teal goes really well with orange and it’s a gorgeous colour so that shopping decision was easily made.

Are you like me and find the rusts, oranges and browns of fall a bit  dark?  Thinking on it I decided to fix that by adding lights, all kinds of sparkly lights for fall.  Here are some of the prettiest posts I found on fall decorating with lights.

10 Fall Decorating Ideas with Lights

These logs are so whimsical, unique, rustic and natural.    Wouldn’t they make lovely coffee tables or little stands.

Recycled Interiors – Cracked Log Lamps

Pier One used a simple birch branch to display a string of pretty acorn lights.    Somehow this simple birch branch manages to look elegant.    This would be beautiful running down the center of a sideboard or a dining table.

Pier One – Acorn Glimmer Lights

The moss in this photograph really attracted me, adding soft green to fall decor whether it is neutral decor or orange decor adds a little bit nice contrast.  Imagine this fairy lantern with orange and white lights. pine cones, cinnamon sticks, the moss and a mini pumpkin maybe.  Maybe an orange coloured fairy figure if available.

Pinterest – Fairy Light

Branches are so perfect for fall decor,  I love how they used a branch to cascade the lights downwards.  It would be stunning hanging above a fall vignette, with the lights surrounding the items.   I would consider having something like this along the top of a china cabinet or book case.  For my home I prefer something so rustic to be outside,  branches against a stark white ceiling would not look right.

Terrain – Cascading Lights

This would be amazing framing a front door or entrance.  I love the idea of having one of these out in the yard under a tree where the fall leaves have cascaded around.

This Harvest Moon

This simple yet amazing chandelier idea would be beautiful above the table or a sideboard.

All Things Heart and Home – Easy DIY Outdoor Chandelier

Ladders used for display are such a trendy modern decor idea.  This one is especially nice for all as the branches make it rustic and earthy.

Trucsetbricolages – Rustic Lit Ladder

Our yard does not have trees large enough for these stunning mason jar lanterns.  This is such a beautiful whimsical idea, I had to share it.

Creative Wedding Tips – Mason Jar Lamps

This rustic antique wagon wheel is the perfect backdrop for this outdoor vignette.    You can just imagine an old wagon full of pumpkins coming in from the fields.

HNGN – Fall Season Front Porch

Fall days are quite short so lights will illuminate nicely in he yard.  These simply strung lights in a orchard define the space and provide a cozy feel.  So pretty.

French Country Cottage – Evening in the Orchard

Edmonton had such a late Spring this year a least a month later than normal.  It was late May before we were able to work outdoors and now fall is fast approaching.  Not sure if I am mentally ready for fall to arrive, but I am happy to get a quick start on planning for it.

Thankfully its still barbecue season.



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22 thoughts on “Luminary Fall Decorating Ideas to Brighten the Lengthening Evenings

  1. Leanna,
    Such great ideas for lighting! I pinned to my Holidays and Ethereal Lighting boards, of course. You’ve given me an idea for using my two fairies that originally were fairies long ago for my now 25-year-old daughter’s birthday way back when. Even began a post for fall and pinned your amethyst geode fairy lantern to make a widget for it! I’m back linking to this post as my inspiration. Hope that is alright? 🙂

    I can hardly wait for fall ~ too hot in Texas for this Cali Girl! 😉 Thank you for such a beautiful post! I love evening accent lighting and so does Hubby.

    Barb 🙂

    1. I am in northern Canada wayyy too many miles north from you, so the days really start to shorten in the fall. I am really glad you found the post inspiring. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your weekend.

    1. We have about six weeks before the leave start turning, hopefully more. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to the USA and do some shopping. I wanted a fall theme so that I could get what I needed instead of buying way too much.

  2. Exactly, not at all ready for fall, will need to compartmentalize the pretty lights decor ideas I just reviewed and recall them in about two months:) Pinned for that purpose, lol. My favorite is the ladder.

    1. I am not looking forward to the shorter days, but they will come and we can make them pretty and sparkly. I really like the ladder as well. Thank you for commenting.

  3. I must admit I was a little surprised when I saw the pumpkins, surely it’s not almost fall for you guys already? But you’re right Leanna, it’s around the corner, GASP!!! Which means Spring is on her way to us down here in the south. YAY!!! All these ideas are lovely, I’m actually considering hanging some of those mason jars in the trees, ours a big enough and it looks so pretty. Thanks for all the inspiration my friend and I hope fall stays away a little longer for you

    1. May the inside of my house be fall and the outside of our home be summer for the next three months. That would be wonderful because Spring was so late, it doesn’t feel like we had any summer at all.

      I bet those jars would be stunning in your luscious beautifully green yard.

    1. Our home is seriously sparkly at Christmas, but we have never tried decorating with lights in the fall before. I am hopeful that the lights with brighten the long fall evenings.

  4. Your ideas are insane and I’m loving it! I am already imagining a festive fall scenery in your home. Truly nothing transforms a space quite like the perfect lighting! Way to go!

    1. Thank you fall can be such a beautiful season. By having a plan I have the time to look or make the items I want for decorating. Your comment is very much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. I have loved fall candles and scents, but hadn’t considered lights before. Trying to do something new this year with some existing ornaments I am going to enjoy using them.

    1. All the seasons have to come a month or so early for bloggers. I learned that hard lesson last year. I bet some of these ideas would really suit your gorgeous treed yard Lynn.

  5. I don’t blame you for not getting rid of the fall decor. I love it too! When it comes to anything lighting I’m always in. I love the logs and everything else too!

    1. The little battery powered LED lights are so pretty and easy to use. You can place them much easier than the earlier plugged in versions. Unfortunately they are pricey but buying a string or two a year is so worth it and I have some sets three years old and still working.

  6. So glad I am NOT the only already planning Fall! These pictures are amazing inspiration – beautiful, unique, and creative ideas that are elegant and inviting! Thank you so much for this gallery of wonderful pictures!!! I am off to do even more creative brainstorming!

    1. Hi Kristine: Last year my schedule for blogging was really squeezed because I didn’t start early enough and fall supplies weren’t in stores until September after the school year started. This year I was lucky enough to travel south and get a few supplies so I am able to be a bit more organized.

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