10 Beautiful Tilda Design Ideas

Tilda is designed by Tonne Finnager, a European designer from Norway.  Her ultra feminine, whimsical, somewhat shabby chic style mesmerizes me.  I love all things Tilda, her fabrics, her designs, her embellishments and her books.

Tilda Designs are Whimsical and Unique

I first came across Tilda designs in a bookstore while on vacation.  This is the first book I bought.  Its full of patterns for reindeer, cushions, dolls and other stunning whimsical designs.  I was hooked by page 5.  This is not an affiliate post I  just want to share Tilda designs in case you haven’t heard about them.

ATilda, tilda books, tilda fabric, tilda designs


This quilt pattern looks so modern and fresh.


tilda, shabby chic, tilda crafts

Tildas World – The Candy Bloom Quilt

This towel post inspires me to make several more new towels with frilly edges.

Tilda paterns, tilda crafts, tilda designs, tilda

A Spoonful of Sugar Designs – Tilda Guest Towel

Its ironic that I have a new craft room and do crafts all the time but I have no pin cushion. This is a great design to try I need a plywood sized sticky note to remind me to make one.

Tilda, tilda patterns, tilda crafts

Dona Downey – Cupcake Pincushion

These little bears are perfect for a baby or all strung along as a Christmas swag.  The plaid ones are my favorite.   What do you think?

Tilda ,tilda crafts, tilda fabric, tilda patterns

Diyacrafts – Tilda Bears

These paper designs are perfect for mod podge projects.  A thrift store jewelry box somewhere needs these in their life.

Tilda, tilda crafts, tilda paper crafts, shabby chic, cute diy

ateliesegredodaarte – Tildas Papercrafts

In Canada the fabrics are not set out like they are in the USA.  At least not where I shop. hey don’t place coordinating fabrics together, its not laid out for the  buyer.  Tilda fabrics come in collections (not sure where to buy them in Canada yet) I love the idea of coordinated fabrics the designer has placed together to be used together.

Tilda designs, tilda patterns, tilda books, tilda designs, shabby chic

Tygodamm – Craft Fabrics

Then their are beautiful applique cushions.  The soft sweet gentle design of everything Tilda makes had such a unique feel to it.

Tilda Designs, tilda crafts, tilda books

Cepaynasi – Tilda Design Ideas

This craft room is whimsical and so bright and happy looking.  Talk about a creative space to inspire creation.

Tilda designs, tilda, tilda patterns, shabby chic

HeartmadeUK – Tilda Craft Room

My favorite Tilda designs are the dolls, they are all elongated with long legs and limbs, minimalist faces and a sense of whimsy.   Here are a few of hundreds of examples.

Tilda doll, tilda pattern, tilda angel, tilda fabric

Tilda-Mania – Dolls

Tilda doll, tilda patterns, tilda designs

Tilda Ballerina Doll

There are numerous posts with sewing tutorials, the books and patterns are available in Canada and the USA.  The fabric is a little harder to find.  There are lots of free downloadable patterns as well.

Let me know if you love this design style as much as I do.    Have you heard of Tilda before? Would you make one these?  Love to hear your thoughts.

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12 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Tilda Design Ideas

    1. Thank you Sam. The whimsy of her designs are so swoon worthy. You don’t see it advertised anywhere over here so I thought it would be fun to share the info.

    1. Those little cupcakes look super easy to sew and would be great for tidbits of material leftovers. Thank you for commenting.

  1. Tilda items are always so sweet and softly feminine.

    I’ve borrowed a couple of her books from the library and what I find is that her instructions are not always a clear and detailed as they could be but perhaps something is lost in translation to English.

    One of my LSQ carries some Tilda fabrics so perhaps you could check in your area quilt shops. There’s also this online shop that has some: https://canadiannationalfabric.com/collections/tilda

  2. Tilda designs are new to me. They have a freshness and gentleness that make the objects so lovely. I think my favorite is the doll with pink leggings sitting on the mantel.
    Carol (“Mimi”) at Home with Mimi

    1. I am glad to hear they are new to you. Her doll designs are beautiful and so unique with the long limbs and blush kissed faces. Thanks for commenting Carol.

  3. I’d heard the name but was not familiar with her designs. I’ve seen the dolls but didn’t know the maker. Those cupcake pin cushions are ADORABLE! Thanks for enlightening me. Have you checked Marshalls (the fabric store on Argyll). they carry designer fabrics?

    1. Marshall’s is the best fabric store in town, they have some nice stuff but not Tilda brand. Tilda designs are just so quaint. Her books are available on Amazon.

    1. Thanks for telling me Debra I love her stuff and its marketed more in Europe then here. I am going to make a couple of her designs and thought it may be nice to share the info. Glad it was new to you.

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