Faye’s Fairy Story Series and Free Printable

Faye’s Fairy Story

Writing the monthly Faye fairy story series is fun.  This month Faye learns a valuable lesson about animals from her beloved Grandfather.  I purposely did not give Faye a paternal grandmother.  Many children have only one Grandparent and  I felt Faye could reflect that.

This story is written in March and in honour of St. Patrick’s day,  I took the ancient stone walls of Ireland as my inspiration.  Faye also meets a black faced Irish sheep.   Originally I had planned on Faye meeting a Connemara pony but I have plans on introducing her to a thoroughbred race horse  so I chose an Irish sheep instead.

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This month I have added some interactions including a sitting position and a suggestion that Faye looks up thatched cottages.  I have added these suggestions in pink brackets if you want to follow along.

As always the Faye’s Fairy story series is for subscribers and uploaded in the Faerie Insider’s Library.   As is the complete 8 by 11 corresponding artwork.   Here is a copy of the printable.  If you wanting to join in the form is on the sidebar.  a

Faye’s Grampa Comes for a Visit

Here is a tidbit from the story.

Grampa came to visit every Christmas and at least once during the summer.  At Christmas Grampa came on a plane and Dad went and got him at the airport.  In the summertime Grampa brought his pickup and a little trailer that he sometimes let her and Kevin sleep in.

Faye loved all her grandparents but this Grampa was her favorite.  Not because he brought big presents although he did and not because he took them for ice cream, which he did.  Faye thought this Grampa was the coolest Grampa because he took her on adventures.  Faye just loves hanging out with her Grampa.

Last year they went on a day train trip and there were robbers on horseback and everything!  Faye got pretty scared until Grampa explained they were actors and then it was really fun.  After the train ride they went on a stage coach.  When Faye asked, Grampa said “No, he didn’t take a stage coach to school when he was little.”  He sure knew lots about the big horses though.  Grampa knew about all kinds of animals.

I was sharing this with my eldest grand daughter who is 7 now.  I was reading it to her and she surprised me by starting to read along.  She read the entire story to me, it was an amazing experience.  My hope is that you are your little ones can enjoy the stories too.

April’s artwork is done, May’s is being drawn.   So excited to see what the artist creates.

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Happy Reading.


If you know of a child who may enjoy this story.  Please share the link for me.

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9 thoughts on “Faye’s Fairy Story Series and Free Printable

  1. Our youngest daughter/child now 47 has loved faeries since she was a young girl. She’s gotten me into faerie gardens, so fun to create. She will love this so much so had to subscribe so I can share these stories with her, think she will be delighted. Love the art work and story, you are very talented. So glad I found your site
    Usually on Mothers’ Day she makes a faerie garden with each of her two daughters even tho they are pretty grown up now they still enjoy doing this with their Mother. For daughters b/d in early April we gave her faerie garden pieces along with a necklace.
    Happy Mothers’ Day to you.

    1. Hi Jane Ellen, I was very excited to see your comment. My grand daughter started me into fairy gardening and writing these stories.

      We have had a horrible Spring so we haven’t been able to plant anything yet. My grand daughters and I are going to the greenhouse on Mother’s day and then going home to make fairy gardens together. I told their parents I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend Mother’s day.

      I am really glad you enjoy the stories.

  2. This is wonderful. I’m a big advocate of reading, so I really inspired by your posts. It’s a great story and I love the illustration too. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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