DIY Fountain Repair – Cheap Water Fountain

Fix a Inexpensive Water Fountain

As I have mentioned Hubs went to his first estate sale with me a few weeks ago and we found a few terrific items including this Concrete Water Fountain.  The lady said she  it wasn’t working, but Hubs figured he could fix it ( He is a power engineer and a millwright so I was 100% confident)  It turned out to be a very simple fountain repair.  He’s going to show you how to fix one yourself.

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Our back yard came with a deck and a patio.  The patio is bordered by two plain grey fences and the patio pad is grey polished concrete.  Its very septic looking, so plain and dull.  This fountain is the first of a few projects to add some interest and colour to the patio.

The fountain comes with the base that is also the water tank, and upper portion and a fronting lion face that has a hole for the water.  The water pumping feature only requires two feet of small plastic tubing and a small fountain pump, that’s all actual working parts these fountains have.

Fixing the Water Pump Mechanism

We found the replacement pump at Home Depot, the pump was the smallest they have it was the 100 gph size.  The tubing is simple 1/4 inch clear plastic tubing he got it at Home Depot as well.

fountain repair, how to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountaina



Place the pump with the small clear plastic tubing into the water well.  Put the plug in over top of the water well as there is a slot in the seam of the upper part of the fountain to make room for the plug in.  The plug in will be at the back of the fountain.

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Fill the Water Tank

silicone repair,fountain repairhow to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountainOnce the pump is in the tank, the plug in is set to fit to the back of the fountain, and the clear plastic piping is looped out of the tank. Fill the tank with water.  The only part that stays inside the water reservoir is the pump itself.





Fixing and Assembling the Fountain

Your fountain may have a pump issue, or a fountain problem, ours had both but for the price it was so worth it.  Now it’s time to start assembling the fountain together.


silicone repair,fountain repairhow to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountain

Pull the clear plastic hose up through the opening in the upper portion of the fountain. The clear plastic hose then feeds through the small opening (in our case the lions head). This will be the waterfall.

Our fountain was missing the fittings that seal the lions head to the fountain ( you can see it in the above picture.  Hubs dug around and found some hard plastic tubing he had in the garage.  If you have this issue any rubber/plastic piping that fits will work for you.

silicone repair,fountain repair, how to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountainHubs applied silicone to the plastic piece and inserted it into the existing fountain opening as shown. Now the two pieces fit snuggly together and the lions head stays attached to the main fountain.

Assemble all the pieces together and turn on to check the water flow.  The water fountain repair is complete.


fountain repair, how to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountain

Building the Flower Garden

Our garden setting is way too stark to just have the fountain sitting on the concrete, we chose to put it into a new flower garden that uses interlocking bricks.

When laying the interlocking bricks you must make sure everything is level. Otherwise its like putting together Lego pieces.   I wanted the fountain to be a bit higher so I built a small base to place the fountain on.

fountain repairhow to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountain

Tweak the bricks so they are all even, fill with dirt, plant the flowers and your done.

My poor little flower bed looks rather sad with its day old pansy plantings, but I am very hopeful that by the end of summer its full of pretty blossoms.

fountain repair, how to fix a fountain, garden fountains, cheap water fountain


Hubs fixed the pump for me, but otherwise I completed this project on my own.  With this tutorial I could have done this project.  Next year I may plant some vines but for this year I love how it turned out.

Please pin this post for me and next time you come across a broken fountain at a garage sale, check if its solid and buy it.  I am certainly glad we did.



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28 thoughts on “DIY Fountain Repair – Cheap Water Fountain

  1. I love fountains and the sound of running water. I love that this option is so much less expensive than buying a new fountain! Thanks for the tutorial:) #HomeMattersParty

    1. Hi Sara: Thank you for commenting. I would never have been able to get such a large fountain brand new. I am really happy with how it turned out.

  2. Fountains are my favorite! I’ve had indoor ones but never outdoor and wow, it looks so beautiful! I especially love the garden surrounding it. What a beautiful job!

    1. Hi Carolann: I am very happy with it. Our patio needs some sort of pretty feature are and the little trees we planted near it of course take several years to establish.

      Thanks for commenting, hope you had a really good week.

    1. Hi Lisa: I have come across broken fountains are garage sales before. I am really glad we took a risk on this one and figured out to to fix it. Thank you for commenting.

  3. First time visiting and your new follower on Pinterest. Love the party! Thanks so much for hosting. You’re so fortunate to ahve a handy husband and he did a beautiful job with the fountain. My share is “Ways to Use Rainbow Colors to Make Positive Change.” If you like what you see, please follow me. Enjoy. Nancy Andres at

  4. This is a really helpful post! Your flower garden is going to look absolutely gorgeous when those flowers grow! That’s a really cool fountain. I hope we’ll see some pics of it later when the flowers get going!

    1. Hi Cassie: Thank you. I felt the post would be useful, as the fountain is super easy to repair. I always thought it would be difficult, but it isn’t. I will post the pictures once the blossoms are mature. I cannot wait.

  5. Leanna- This is so cool….thank you for this inspiration! I am sure the pansies will grow in soon – making it a charming and calming spot to relax in. Please take pictures for us in the future!

    1. Hi Kristine: Hope your having a good Spring. I am sure the pansies will grow I am just a bit impatient to see their pretty face like blossoms.

  6. This is so pretty, I agree with Michelle, I love the sound of a fountain and how fresh and relaxing it feels! This fountain is so cute Leanna, good for you that you got it all fixed, enjoy!!!

    1. Hi Katrin: I am pretty happy about it, I always wanted a fountain but the full size ones were so expensive. I feel very fortunate to have one.

  7. This is seriously one of the coolest fountains!! What a lucky find!! Love how you guys fixed this baby up and arranged it on your patio. It is gorgeous! And I’m sure by the end of the summer your flowers will be looking amazing. Hope you have been well Leanna!

    1. Thank you Randi. Its a nice tall fountain but doesn’t take up lots of room. I love it too so glad Hubs knew how to fix it.

  8. I probably wouldn’t have thought to fix a water fountain before I read this but now I see it isn’t as hard as I thought. The garden area looks wonderful and you will be able to have many relaxing moments outside.

    1. That back deck is my favorite spot to go first thing in the morning. Pj’s a hoodie coffee and my pup. Its so good that it’s finally warming up. Thanks for commenting Debra.

  9. I love the sound of water trickling, there’s just something about it is so relaxing. I’m real glad your hubby could fix the water fountain for you, it’s going to look fabulous in a few weeks time when all those pansies are in full bloom Leanna.

    1. Thank you Michelle. The patio has Adirondack chairs so its comfortable and sunny back there. I look forward to it having some greenery and the trickle of water.

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