Blog Tracking Sheets for Social Media

Tracking Sheets to Measure Progress

To my readers who aren’t bloggers I am off topic for this post.  I apologize that this post is so geared to other bloggers.  This is the first post I have written for bloggers and I don’t intend to do it often.  I am posting another DIY  on Friday.

Since I began blogging 10 months ago I have come across numerous blogging how to articles covering every blogging topic imaginable.  In this post I am not offering blogging advice, or goal setting advice.  What am I offering is pretty tracking sheets that will encourage you to track your blog social media statistics on a month by month basis.

The Faerie Insiders Library

To thank the Insiders for following Faeries and Fauna I have made  pretty tracking sheets in various forms and colours for each month from April thru December 2017.

Blog Tracking, How to Blog,

Each tracking sheet is styled differently. The collage above shows a few of the different styles.   I would love for you to join the Insider’s but if you don’t want to yet I understand.   For readers who aren’t ready to join April’s tracking sheet is linked.  Feel free to use it as a template to create you own tracker.

Setting Goals and Recording Achievements

My goals are not based on specific   numbers, instead my goals are self achieving.  As I have no control over second party algorithms, I don’t set goals like “I will have 200 new followers on Facebook by the end of the month. Instead I set a goal of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or I will spend 4 hours daily working on social media platforms.

At the end of each month I jot down the current monthly statistics.  This is how I measure blog growth.  Its also how I congratulate myself on how much the blog is growing and it also helps me set my priorities for the next months social media plan.

These little sheets are my attempt to make the numbers a little more celebratory, we can always do better, that will never change, but we can stop and give ourselves an atta girl and mark down our achievements on pretty paper.

I hope you enjoy these and find them helpful.

14 thoughts on “Blog Tracking Sheets for Social Media

    1. Thank you Brittany: We all know to break tasks down into small steps, but I need to be reminded to give enough time between to reviews to allow for progress. Have a good weekend.

  1. What a great idea, Thank you Leanna, I really could use this! I’m such an organizer and planner with everything except my blog! Why?-No idea, but your tracking sheet will help a lot!!

    1. Hi Katrin. This sheet prevents me from over analyzing my stats. Instead of doing out all the time. I leave it to once a month. Then the increases are large enough to keep motivating me. Glad you will find them helpful

    1. Hi Cristina: Glad you find them valuable. I enjoyed adding all the different seasonal clip art. Crafting and no mess lol.

      Have a great week.

    1. Hi Mary. I have a notebook beside me all the time so I can jot down where I posted the days to do and. As you know a long list of other things. Unfortunately I can’t always easily find what I scribbled. I started using tabs and page markers and these sheets. Thanks for commenting lady.

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