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French Provincial Chair Makeover

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Feminine Office Chair Makeover

This chair was a thrift store find for $20.  Once it receives this chair makeover, its going to be my new office chair.   The new chair is  being redone to go  along with the  feminine desk I have refinished.


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French provincial chair, painted chair, painted furniture, thrift store finds, chalk paint furniture, diy home decor, cheap furnitureThe before, I could have just replaced the drab filthy upholstery and waxed it,  but I refinished it to match the desk.

Disassemble the Chair

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.I carefully disassemble the chair, looking for labels and signs of age, removing the seat and setting the screws aside. The labels says the chair is made in Canada, the cushion is synthetic and the material is stapled so its not old.


Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.I feel no qualms about refinishing it and not restoring it.  I like the fact its Canadian so I protected the printed label before painting the chair and left the stapled labels on the chair seat.

Refinishing the Chair

To make sure the chalk paint adheres to the chair,   lightly sand the chair.  According to the instructions on the paint can this isn’t necessary.  Old habits prevail and I sanded it  anyways.  Of course if you want to skip this step, its up to you.

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.
Even after sanding I find the lines of this chair beautiful.

Once sanded I painted the back of the chair with two coats of blush chalk paint.  The rest of the chair was given three coats of white chalk paint.

Let each coat dry thoroughly and sand lightly with 400 grit sand paper.  Sanding between coats gives the paint a smooth finish.  I much prefer a smooth finish, but if your okay with a rougher finish, you can skip sanding..

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.Finally the pink back was white washed with thinned white chalk paint.

The white washing helps match the chair with the partially white washed refurbished desk.

Once painted protect the chair finish with two coats of finishing wax.


Reupholster the Chair Seat

The chair seat attaches to the chair with simple screws  that I set aside for reassembly.

I spent an hour removing the staples that were holding the material and the cushion to the plywood form.  So many staples.

The material I chose is a really cute simple cotton that matches the ironing board cover I made.  The material is fun and perfect for the craft room, but its plain cotton and a bit thin to be used as upholstery.  For extra strength I cut a double layer of the material using the old upholstery fabric as a pattern.


Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.I was a bit concerned about the corners of the plywood wearing through the material. Extra foam was added to the front corners to give the material protection from the plywood.


I think the chair could be part of an old dining room set, The chair cushion is  hard and not overly comfortable. The chair seat needs softening.  To add extra cushioning, cut some 1 inch foam using the plywood as a pattern,

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.

Hold  the foam corners in place and fold the material over the plywood.  Using a staple gun staple the material into place. Make sure not to cover the original screw holes in the plywood with the material.  Starting at one side place a few staples; then do the same on the opposite side.  Repeat this process for the other two sides.  Once you are sure the material is the way you want it, add the remaining staples as needed.

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.

Reassemble the Chair

After the chair seat is done  attach it to the chair using the original screws and screw holes.

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.

This chair is exactly what I want for the new craft room.  Its bright, the extra foam makes it comfortable and I am sure the arms are going to add comfort as well.    Both the chair and the old feminine chalk paint desk are one of a kind pieces now and so worth the time it took to redo them.

Have a wonderful week.

Old french provincial chair for restoring. Its brown and has pretty lines.

Sharing helps my blog grow

50 thoughts on “French Provincial Chair Makeover

    1. Hi Carol…. I really appreciate the feedback. This space is for me personally so I am making it out of over the top girlish things. I really appreciate the super job comment it means lots.

      Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Debra. I found it locally and it was hard to find. but I knew the second I saw it. Thanks for commenting about the fabric, because I chose it on pattern not cloth. I think it will hold up find given the extra protection I gave it.

    1. Hi Sam: It was just a tad outdated eh lol. Gold fabric that probably matched the lovely gold appliances of long ago.

      Thank you for the thumbs up. I appreciate the feedback very much.

    1. Thank you Marie. I am hopeful the cheerfulness of the chair will spruce up the basement work area.

      It means lots to me that you think its a good job.

  1. Wow – you kept your fabric in a straight line! My hat is off to you! We re-did the cushions on two orphaned dining room chairs from an estate sale, but played it safe with a neutral, textured fabric. But that was the first thing I noticed was that the pattern in your fabric was perfectly straight! The chair is adorable, and a perfect addition to your beautiful office makeover.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love white furniture and that fabric is so colorful and fun. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I think I just found my new office chair!

  3. I love your chair and need one of my own! The fabric is perfect and I never thought about putting extra foam in when recovering (I don’t know why, it’s an obvious upgrade)! Thank you so much for sharing with us this month at Create and Celebrate

  4. Leanna, this is one of those DIYs that I actually have done many times…at least the chair seat. I love the fabric you chose, it is so happy yet the dress forms are a bit vintage looking. I agree with you, the lines of the chair are so gorgeous! The office is coming along wonderfully.

  5. Gorgeous makeover! I’m like you with having no qualms about painting furniture. I do check to make sure it isn’t too valuable but, the types of things I pick up are most likely not 😉 Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday! Pinned & sharing

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