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Three Tiered Tray for Spring

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Lets Welcome Spring with a Three Tiered Tray

It’s not quite Spring we still have two weeks of official Winter left and I am ready to welcome Spring.  Am I ever ready, Spring can’t get here soon enough.  Winter has been showing us who the boss is with several fresh inches of snow and very cold weather. Winter is misbehaving so I am ignoring its’ bad behaviour,  by turning up the central heat, opening the curtains wide and finishing my Spring cleaning.

The outdoors may still be white, but I can have Spring indoors.  Pretty pastel colours, fresh smelling moss and fresh flowers will bring Spring to our home until the sun does.

spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor

This three tiered galvanized tray was first used last fall for the Three Tier Fall Tray post. This tray with it’s copper markings is better suited for Fall. To brighten it temporarily I wrapped each layer with faux burlap ribbon.  I made sure the ribbon was tight, folded the ends to make nice edges and then sewed the ends together.  If you don’t want to sew it, hot glue will work just as well.

Adding Teacups

Next I gathered some pretty pink teacups from my collection.  The picture shows how I bundle them stacked with the fragile handles inside the neighbouring cup.  The cloth the cups are sitting on is my Grandmother’s and more than 75 years old.  It’s hand embroidered on real linen and worn thin with time.  I treasure it.

spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor

My initial plan was to place a teacup on each layer, but there was not enough room on the top layer of the 3 tiered stand for my smallest teacup so I had to rearrange it.

Once the teacups were on the tiers I filled in the open spots with moss then started nesting groups of little ornaments.

Adding Ornaments

Next I gathered some pretty pink teacups that I had stored, the picture shows how I bundle them.  As a side note the cloth is my grandmothers are over 75 years old.  Its real linen, I inherited it with a couple little holes and I treasure it.  

I could not afford several beautiful napkin rings from Pier One, so I bought just  one and used it as a focal point.   I think the colour is stunning, do you agree?

spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor


spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor


As a final touch the teacups were filled with assorted pastel coloured candies. Pink foiled chocolate eggs were sprinkled on each layer to create a miniature  Easter egg hunt.

spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor

This 3 tier tray is in the entry and I fully expect my family to nibble on the way in and the way out.   Likely the stand will need to be straightened out several times .  The only fragile item is the teacups and I am certain the high edge of the galvanized tray will keep them from getting broken.

spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor

Now that the spring purge and spring cleaning is finally done, there will be time to do several more DIY projects for Spring and Easter.  Winter can misbehave all HE wants to,  I will be happy creating new cheerful bright crafts and enjoying my indoor Spring.

Think sunshine.



spring decorations, 3 tier cake stand, tiered stand, galvanized three tier tray. galvanized three tier stand, diy spring decor



Sharing helps my blog grow

54 thoughts on “Three Tiered Tray for Spring

    1. Hi Pam. I am just starting to put together some of my spring decor. The spring cleaning took absolutely forever to get done. Its studying and reading that I am way way way behind on. Hopefully get will get an opportunity to do some pretty Spring decor over the weekend.

    1. Isn’t that the truth. The last week has me wanting to barricade myself indoors and just ignore the outdoors. That’s how I am going to handle it.

      Glad you like my vignette, I put in the miniature Easter egg hunt into it, that way the family would “appreciate” my decor efforts. lol

      See you at the market tomorrow!!! Leanna

  1. This is absolutely charming. I love how you made it fit the season by adding the ribbon. I can see you leaving it out during the spring season and removing the Easter items and adding other things.

    1. Hi Debra: Those three tiered galvanized stands are so trendy I saw one and needed to have it. They are pretty pricey so you better use them when you have one.

      Thanks again for commenting. Have a good week. Leanna

    1. Love the saying lol. The birch ribbon was such a find, there was one roll and I scooped it. Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a great week. Leanna

  2. This is the prettiest three tier tray I have ever seen Leanna! And I am so in love with what you’ve added to it, the soft tones, the little bunnies, the moss, the flowers, ahhh all is beautiful and just screams spring!! I’m sure it’ll get there any time now!

    1. Hi Katrin: Thank you for the compliment. It will warm up in six weeks or so. It just means we update the indoors for Spring before we start with the yard work.

      I first saw moss decor on moss covered animals and fell in love with the pretty natural greens. The fresh moss also brings a living scent into the home again.

      Have a wonderful week and thank you for commenting.

  3. Such a beautiful way to welcome Spring Leanna, I love the soft happy colors you used and all the little details and those bunnies. Too cute. I’m sure you guys can’t wait for Winter to pack his bags and start the long walk down South 😉

    1. Two comments, first of all happy you noticed the He. lol He doesn’t pack his bags south enough to hit you though. Several of my posts this year talked about the beauty of Winter, but I am so over it lol.

      This little tray has lots going on in it so its interesting. I think it would be wonderful for a small apartment even if you had no room for any other decor it would be enough.

      Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback, it means alot to me.

    1. Hi Caroline, I stopped by your blog, you make beautiful feminine crafts. I was not able to leave a comment, but your stuff is truly lovely.

      I have a small collection of teacups I kept since the 70s. Some of them are over 100 years old now so I treasure them because they are so feminine and dainty.

      Thank you for commenting.

    1. Thank you Helen. I love making things myself. This tray was quick and really fun to put together.

      Enjoy your week.

  4. I am so with you. “He” can go misbehave, because I am ignoring it for bigger and better weather! Your tray is just perfect with the gorgeous touches of spring.

    1. Thank you Christine. Its like my own little interior garden. This little tray was super fun to put together, it felt festive like decorating the Christmas tree.

      Have a really good week and I know your like me thinking sunshine.


    1. Soft pastels are so pretty for Spring, my favorite colour year around is a light soft pink and the pastels match so nicely with it.

      Glad to hear your going to decorate a three tier tray, there is so much you can do with one without using lots of space.

      Thank you for commenting. I appreciate the feedback.

    1. Soft pinks and white are my year around favorites, but they are especially nice in the Spring. The soft green of newly opened leaves has to be the best sign of Spring.

      Thanks for commenting, Leanna

    1. Hi Dara: If you look on Pinterest there are many tutorials for making your own with candlesticks, old chair spindles, plates, enamel or antique galvanized plates. They are truly beautiful.

      I hope you check it out, 3 tier trays are very trendy and deservedly so.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

  5. This is all so pretty, what a clever way to reuse something, just cover it temporarily with ribbon, brilliant!
    I love that you still have your grandma’s tablecloth, what a special thing to have. Thanks for sharing at #HandmadeMonday

    1. Hi Julie: Your more than welcome, I really enjoy link parties so much inspiration. Changing something temporarily is a really good way to reuse the same articles easily.

      I like to imagine my Grandmother knowing that I showed her embroidery work with such love and pride.

      Thank you for commenting and providing feedback. Leanna

    1. Thank you Florence: Your always so kind, its very much appreciated. When I was young I collected teacups and have never parted with them. It was nice to put them to use again.

      Have a great week.

  6. U arranged these beautifully! This set is is marvelous and the colors are even better! Definetly feels like spring!

    1. Hi Kenya: Glad you like it, three tier trays are so handy and pretty. The hubs has been egg hunting in it already. Thank you for commenting.

    1. Yours will be beautiful of that I am certain. This one I saw in the store and just had to have it. Thankfully it has been very handy and I have managed to use it every season so far.

      Once yours is made your going to be using it lots I am sure. Looking forward to the post.

  7. I love how your 3-tier tray is chock-full of springtime whimsy! This is the type of centerpiece or vignette that invites the observer in to absorb the spirit of the season. I love the addition of the teacups and other little embellishments — a magical little Easter world!
    Carol (“Mimi”) recently posted…How to Update a Wicker TableMy Profile

  8. Your lovely tiered tray was featured at this week’s Foodie Friday & Everything Else. Thanks for participating!

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