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Pretty Blue Refurbished Stool

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Refurbished Stool for the Craft Room

We bought this house with an unfinished basement, its about half done and I am determined to create a thrifty DIY craft room.  We built a large functional table, but still need  bar height chairs to go with it.  All the craft room furniture must be both study and inexpensive because I expect it to receive lots of abuse and activity.  This pretty blue refurbished stool is just perfect.

Upcycled Stool, Refurbished Stool, DIY Crafts, DIY Home Decor

Cleaning and Painting the Chrome

I have sewn some cute curtains from a purchased pattern, and luckily had enough material left over for this little stool.

Refurbish, Upcycle, Stool, DIY, Home Decor

This is the before picture taken after I had removed all the ick, rust and paint splatters with CLR and a magic eraser sponge.






I like the dipped paint look I have seen popping up online.. To get the look, tape off the bottom portion of the legs to prevent splatter.  Make sure the tape is square around the leg so the “dipped” portion has a tidy even border.  Once the chrome legs are thoroughly protected apply three very light layers of baby blue spray paint.  Three light coats reduces the chance of runs.  Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats according to the instructions of your spray paint.

Once the legs are refinished ,remove and take apart the seat.  It had a horrible orange plastic outer layer, then some super thin foam and finally a very nice sturdy wood center.  Each layer was held on with a multitude of staples so it takes patience to remove them all.

Using the wood as a template I cut a piece of 1 inch thick form for extra cushioning. I had some old couch foam left over from a couple of years ago.  Your stool may have enough cushioning so you can skip this part.

Putting the Stool Back Together

To reassemble the seat, start with the original thin foam, top it with the new 1 inch thick foam and finally add the wood.

Upcycling, thrifting, repairing, updating, DIY, Home Decor


To line the original holes in the bottom fabric with the holes drilled in the wood we marked the holes using toothpicks.  Once the old fabric is placed back in it’s original position staple everything down securely.


Let the chair dry for 24 hours before reattaching the stool seat and adding new rubbers to the feet.

Upcyled, redone, fixed, repaired, DIY, Home Decor

Have you got an old stool kicking around somewhere that could use some love.  These old real metal stools are the best.  They seem to last over generations and although their style isn’t trendy it certainly is appealing.


Refurbished Stool, Refinished Stool, Reupholstered Stool
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33 thoughts on “Pretty Blue Refurbished Stool

  1. I love your refurbished stool! It caught my attention because I have a vintage “ice cream parlor” chair that is crying for a re-do. I’m almost afraid to start (in case I goof it up!) but your post gives me more confidence!

    1. Hi Randi: I finally found a thrift store here that charges what I am willing to pay. This little stool was ten bucks and I love the 50s feel of it even if the garish orange was hard on the eyes.

      Hopefully I will finish the craft room post in the next month or so, emphasis on Hope. Thanks for commenting. Enjoy your week.

    1. Hi Cristina: Thank you for the pin, much appreciated. This little stool was pretty easy to do. I was happily surprised at how well the legs cleaned up.

      Enjoy your week. Leanna

  2. Hi Leanna! The stool looks fantastic! I see these on occasion when I’m out thrifting, and now I know how great they can look (with some elbow grease!). Thanks for sharing. Susan

    1. Hi Susan: Unfortunately it took me awhile to find one, but I will keep looking. Hubs built us a large craft table that we will all gather around and do puzzles or crafts with the little ones. It will be nicer when the adults can sit down comfortably.

      Thank you for commenting. It is especially nice to get positive feedback from an upcyling blogger.

    1. Hi Mary. I am really pleased with how this little project turned out. The material on this chair is from leftovers from a couple other projects I have been doing for the basement so it matches the decor.

      I really like the dipped leg look and wanted to try it on a small project first. It really does give it a modern look.

      Thank you commenting Mary. The positive feedback encourages me to post more upcycling post and try new things.

      Enjoy your weekend Leanna

  3. This stool turned out so well, I admire people who can see potential in even the most destroyed pieces. Getting this project done in March is such great timing, the fun blue textile is ideal for the spring and summer time. I am looking forward to seeing what other home decor you have chosen for your basement.

    1. Thank you. The paint I used in the basement is called Breath of Fresh Air from Benjamin Moore, it is the prettiest blue. This fabric was chosen to match it. My craft room is coming along. In about a month I will start posting tidbits. Thank you for commenting.

    1. Hi Debra: I have absolutely no idea how old this stool is, but it does look 50 ish. I can not begin to explain how hard and uncomfortable this little seat was, adding the extra couple inches of foam made a huge difference.

      Thank you for stopping by and providing feedback, I appreciate it. Leanna

    1. Thank you Amber. This chair was much easier to clean up than I thought it would be. I hope to find a couple similar stool to add to my collection.

      You have a great week. Hugs Leanna

    1. That particular shade of blue is one of my favorites. I first discovered Breath of Fresh Air blue when I painted my front door with it.

      Enjoy your week and see you Wednesday. Leanna

  4. Cant wait to see the thrifty craft room done! I love the up cycled stool. The dipped legs too cute and the curtain cushion foamed up is really pretty.

  5. This stool turned out beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at the To Grandma’s house we go weekly link party, you will be featured in the new party that starts tomorrow morning! Hope to see you there!

  6. Leanna,
    I am loving your update to this drab stool. I am thinking drab to fab is definitely what your craft room will be as it is completed. Thank you for sharing with TADA. See you tomorrow.
    Happy Creating.
    Karen Marie

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