Romantic DIY Cake Stand

A Cake Plate for Me

Do you ever have a hard time trying to get to the point of a story?  I do ALL THE TIME.    I shall do my best.  My daughter in law Shannon and I have exactly the same taste.  It makes her super fun to shop for but it takes lots of love to actually give the treasure to her.

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At Christmas I was excited to see the Interior Frugalista at a local craft fair here in Edmonton.  I purchased a  beautiful refurbished table stand. Its gorgeous because it sits higher than most stands allowing  more versatility in creating dessert displays.   I love it and knew my girl would love it too.


You can see  the Interior Frugalista’s post here

I love this table stand but I love my daughter in law more so I did manage to part with it. But I saved the idea.

Cake Stand, Refurbish, DIY, Home DecorIn January I came across this little candle holder with cherubs and thought table stand for Leanna. I tried spraying a dollar store metal bowl  and it wrinkled really badly.  I think maybe the paint got cold not sure what I did wrong, but I tossed it out and went and found a silver platter that had seen its better days.




Starting over I bought this gorgeous metallic pink paint even the name Champagne Mist says “girl”.

Two light coats of this paint leaving four hours between coats worked very well.  No running and of course I had no ability to sand it smooth so I am thankful it went on so well.

This time I choose to do the plate in white so I sprayed on two coats of white paint I had in the cupboard.  Leaving it to dry well between coats.


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Refurbished, makeover, DIY, Cake Stand, Table StandI am not sure if the little cherub stand is a type of plastic or plaster, either way I was scared to drill into it in case the inside was hollow and it cracked. Taking the safer route I glued a little piece of wood into the center and then glued the plate to the wood and to the outer sides.


After applying the glue, I placed the painted silver tray on top.  I then added several cans of food on top for weight and let it dry overnight.

It’s not as lovely and high as the cake plate I gave to my girl, but it will add a different height to any dessert table set up.

Cake Stand, Table Stand, Refurbish, Painting Spray Paint, DIY, Home Decor, Valentines

To use this stand for food I will always place a small protective pad between the cake plate and this cake plate stand.   Doing it this way I used it and was able to wash it off without any problem.  But I will always have to take extra precautions with it.  None the less I love it and it’s one of a kind.

This is one of those no downside projects, you get a one of a kind plate exactly the way your want it.  You can build them outside of the manufacturer’s typical height specifications. They are really inexpensive to put together and you put an item back into service again.

I hope you like the idea and make one of your own.


40 thoughts on “Romantic DIY Cake Stand

    1. Hi Lisa. I was able to make this very seasonal cake plate for 5 dollars. For such a reasonable cost it doesn’t have to be used very often to be worth keeping.

      I really like the one of a kind refurbishing posts I see online and its inspiring me to make some myself.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Lisa. I was able to make this very seasonal cake plate for 5 dollars. For such a reasonable cost it doesn’t have to be used very often to be worth keeping.

      I really like the one of a kind refurbishing posts I see online and its inspiring me to make some myself.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Debra: I could not believe my eyes when I found the little cherub candlestick. I was excited for the find. I am quite proud with how it turned out.

      I appreciate you taking the time to provide me with feedback. Thank you Leanna

    1. Hi Donna. A year ago I never used spray paint. I am learning to love it because of all the pretty metallic finishes.

      Enjoy your week and thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Jeannee:

      I was pretty impressed to find that little cherub candlestick. The pink paint is definitely a new favorite. Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hey Marie: I am really happy that you approve of my rework of your idea. It really was hard handing over the cake stand you created. Like I stated in the post the DIY versions are great because you don’t have to stick to the standard heights.

      Thank you for commenting. I am excited that you like it. Leanna

    1. Hi Pam: I think the best part of this project was that I took two discarded out of date scratched items and made them useful and enjoyable again.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Katrin:

      I was never into spray painting until they came up with the metallic ones. This new pink one is my very favorite. It makes anything looking feminine I will have to play with it again.

      It makes me happy when I receive comments. Thank you! Leanna

  1. What a clever and resourceful way to create exactly what you want! That spray paint color is so pretty – perfect for special desserts and celebrations! Thank you for sharing this great idea!

    1. Hi Kristine: This new metallic paint colours are so pretty. I know I will be making more items with this paint. I have a serious soft spot for anything pink.

    1. Cute comment Deborah. I always say anyone can shop. It’s fun to figure out how to make something one of a kind. Thank you for commenting.

  2. The pink pearl metallic paint is so pretty! I haven’t used that kind of spray paint before. The cake stand turned out lovely, thanks for sharing your DIY at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

    1. Hi Nicole: I am happy with how my cake plate turned out. I like that you can create them in different heights then the standard sizes. Have a good week. Leanna

    1. Hi Pili: The minute I saw the old candlestick with the little cherubs I thought Valentine’s Day. Thank you for commenting its really nice to receive feedback.

    1. Hi Michelle: I have always been a pink nut. This blush metallic is really nice. It reminds me of the dusty rose of the 80’s but with a sparkly modern twist.

      Its been great co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you. Thank you for the opportunity. Leanna

    1. Hi Lorelai: I am learning how to shop at thrift stores. I will see things I like but leave them because refurbishing comes with a cost. This plate was really inexpensive to do so I had fun playing with it.

      Have a great week. See you at the #HomeMattersParty

  3. Leanne, this cake stand is lovely!! I like the champagne mist color you used, and how clever to add a block of wood so that you could add the platter. It looks beautiful!!

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