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Easy to Sew Giant Carrot Cushion for Easter

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DIY Giant Carrot Cushion

Hopefully the munchkins will be as excited as a bunny would be to receive the biggest carrot they ever saw for Easter.    A carrot cushion is approximately 3 feet long and made out of heavy duty felt.   The cushion requires no paper pattern and sew up quickly. It made to be snuggle floor pillows for children.

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1 metre (yard) of orange felt

1/4 metre (yard) of green felt

Scraps of felt for flowers

A sewing machine

Coordinating thread

Yard of ribbon


Soft pillow stuffing


Fold your orange felt in half lengthwise and pin the edges together to prevent slipping.

Take chalk and draw out the outside shape of your carrot making it as long as your fabric allows.

Then draw a second shape one inch inside the first one to mark for stitching.

Cut the fabric and re pin together if needed.

Take the green felt and fold it in half width wise.

DIY, Easter Cushion, Crafts, Sewing, Felt Crafts, Giant Carrot

Place the green felt against the orange carrot to confirm the dimensions.  In chalk draw out a three humped shape to look like the carrot top. Draw a second chalk line one inch inside the first to mark for stitching. Cut out the carrot top.


Sew the green felt all around following the inside chalk marks.  Leave a two inch gap. Lightly stuff with soft filling.  Sew the carrot top closed.

Sew the Carrot

Place the green carrot top inside the top seam of the carrot and pin.  Confirm it looks square.  Sew the carrot following the inside chalk marks.  Leave a four inch gap, fill with a light amount of stuffing as you don’t want the carrot hard and lumpy.  Sew the opening closed.

With a ribbon of your choice tie around the carrot where the orange and green felt meet. Finish it in a pretty bow and decorate any way you like.  You can  leave it as is, or cover with glued on  polka dots, or use felt letters.

Add Embellishments

If you want to add felt floral embellishments this is how I made the ones pictured.

DIY, Crafts, Children's Decor, Easter Crafts, Giant Pumpkin Cushion

For each flower cut out five shapes about  1 inch long and half an inch wide.  After you cut out one, use it as the template for the rest of the petals.  No need to make them perfect.

DIY, Crafts, Sewing, Easter, Easter Decor, Home Decor

Complete a small accordion fold at the bottom of each petal and sew together. Repeat with the next petal until you have all five attached together.  Arrange the petals to look like a flower and then add a few stitches to hold everything in place.

Cut a coordinating piece of flannel 1/4 by 2 inches (I used baby pink).  Roll up and sew to keep it held together.  Place it in the middle of the flower and sew in place.

Cut out one leaf and then use it as the template for the remaining leaves.  Again pinch one end into an accordion fold, sew in place and then attach to the back of the flowers.

Make as many of the flowers as you like and sew into place on the carrot.

DIY, DIY Crafts, Easter, Giant Carrot Cushion, Children Decor,a
My grand daughters are going to receive these carrots and the purchased stuffed rabbits. What rabbit would’t be happy to have these carrots?  I am really sure the girls will love them too.

This is my first Easter themed project for the blog.  I have a few more coming and I cannot get them finished fast enough.

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!


Sewing, Crafts, Easter,
Sharing helps my blog grow

55 thoughts on “Easy to Sew Giant Carrot Cushion for Easter

  1. Leanna I just love this carrot!! I always love an easy diy project 😉 I already want to make bunnies for the grandkids now I will have to add carrots to the list! Homemade is always better than store bought!! Thank you for joining us on the launch of Create and Celebrate, we truly appreciate your support!!

    1. This year I have decided to try and replace some of the candy I give the grandchildren with a gift of some sort. Making things homemade makes them one of a kind and you have full control of the quality.

      Good luck with the new Create and Celebrate party. I wish you success!!

  2. This carrot is just adorable. I have not even thought what to have ready for my new grandaughter, she is too tiny for anything really. But next year I am going to make something like this. Such fun! I wonder if I could use fabric glue until I re-learn sewing. I have not sewn since girl scouts.

    1. I would think iron on stitching would work if you used a cotton fabric instead of the felt. I have never tried it with felt before so I can’t offer any advice on that.

      Glad you enjoy my idea.

  3. Oh my gosh this is SO cute- what a wonderful gift for Easter. I haven’t sewn in a while but I may have to make an exception for this because it’s adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Randi. It sews up really really fast, I hope you do try and make one. I read your blog regularly and I am really impressed with how you make everything yourself.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. I am happy you like it and I appreciate the pin. It was easy to do and sewed up really fast. I hope you give it a try.

    1. Thank you Marie. I really think they are going to like them. They like to sit on pillows while they watch TV. Thank you for commenting and the pin. I appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you Mary, I am really excited to give it to them. These come together pretty fast and I thought the idea was fun and novel.

      Enjoy your weekend. Leanna

    1. Awesome Anna, I am glad you like it. It makes me happy to think about my blog posts providing inspiration. Enjoy your Easter and thank you for commenting.

    1. Hi Debbie: Glad you like them. I cannot wait for my grand daughters to receive them. Have a good week.

    1. Hi Carolann: We seem to be crossing paths in blogland lately and I am very happy about it. This little craft it both easy and inexpensive to put together.

      I think you could make them really pretty with glamour fabrics and embellishments, but this one was made to be a good old fashioned garden carrot.

      Enjoy your week. Leanna

  4. What an adorable huggable carrot! (I want one now!) Luckily the instructions look easy enough. Thanks for sharing this creative Easter project.
    (PS I just recently started hosting a link party at… I’d love it if you stopped by and shared some of your cute things!)

    1. Thank you. I am pretty sure they will. I am very fortunate because their Mom doesn’t care how big the gifts I give them are. She says its a grandmothers prerogative and the parents storage problem lol.

  5. so adorable and I haven’t even thought about a grand child gift!!! This is my first year at being a grand mom. I better get busy. Can’t wait to hear how they love it.

    1. Typically they get a whole bunch of Lindt chocolate stuff, they will still get the one gold bunny and these bunnies and pillows will last much longer. I will for sure let you know.

  6. Leanna, this is so great idea for our boy and girl. They already have one little bunny – real one 🙂 and this carrot will be perfect pillow for Kids Room.

  7. Hey Leanna…what a great Easter craft. How cute would they be scattered throughout your home! And I know your grand daughters are tickled pink with them.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn: These cushions will be fun for Easter, I think you could do them up girlish with pretty pinks etc. Maybe I will make another pair next year. So looking forward to spring. Winter needs to go away.

      Thanks for commenting. Leanna

  8. I love this! I totally have to make one for my sofa for Easter! (And figure out a way to wrangle it from the kiddos… I may have to make two.) Thanks for the fantastic tutorial!

    1. Hi Marie: They are inexpensive to make and without the flowers it would only take about half an hour more to make two than one. If you have any questions feel free to email or message me.

      Happy Spring… Leanna

    1. Right on Michelle…Thank you for the comment. They girls will absolutely be read a story while they cuddle their carrots. If I am not able to see them I record and send them me reading them the story before I post it. Its much more fun when I can grab a snuggle. Thanks for commenting.

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