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Romantic Valentine’s Banner Bling Hop

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Valentine Banner and Bling Hop

I am very pleased to be partnering with the same bloggers who co hosted the Christmas Bling Hop.  I had such a good time meeting everyone and sharing ideas.  The group chose to do another hop for Valentine’s.    The other Valentine Bling themed links are at the bottom of my post.

When I think of a romantic scene I think of a movie set in the Victorian Era.  No doubt it wasn’t that romantic for the everyday person in those days, but its my daydream so everyone lives in beautiful Victorian houses with lace and roses and gilded doors.  Not to mention the gorgeous uncomfortable gowns all hand stitched with lace and beads.

I brought that overall lacy, pink, romantic idealism into this Valentine’s banner.

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To make this banner you will about four of  those little quilting bundles. or four 1/4 yard pieces.  I used leftovers so that would work as well as long as they are coordinating.

Yard of iron on interfacing

Coordinating beads both small for embellishment and large for the flower centers and banner string.

Twine or ribbon, darning needle.

Sewing needle, thread

Scissors and a hot glue gun.


Cut out two large hearts for each banner piece

Cut one large heart from the interfacing

Cut out two small hearts for each banner piece

Cut one small heart from the interfacing

Cut out six circles for each banner piece

Here is the link to my simple hand drawn pattern.

DIY, Home Decor, Romantic,

Assembling the Hearts

Iron all your cut fabric pieces.

Place the large heart good side down, place the interfacing on top and the second piece of material good side up.  Iron according to instructions.  (Mine was ten seconds.)

Repeat this process for all the remaining hearts both large and small.

Assemble the heart backing place the small heart on top of the large and start to sew and bead them into place.


Sew around the outside of the small heart adding a bead on every stitch.  Space the beads as evenly as possible.  I used my baby finger to measure the spacing.

Repeat this for all the other banner pieces.

DIY, Home Decor, Romantic, Pink
The flowers are super easy to put together and once the pieces they only take a minute to assemble.

Heat the glue gun and be careful its easy to get burnt putting the petals together.“


Place two circles one on top of the other.

Take four circles of material, take each one and fold it in half and then into quarters.  Glue it in the center where the point is to hold it.  Make three more.

Make sure each petal faces with the open side towards you.  Glue each one in the center of the flower, overlapping is fine.

Finally glue a bead or button in the middle of the flower.

Place on heart and sew into place.

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You can leave the hearts as they are or add extra embellishments like buttons, extra beads or lace.

Attaching the String

For five hearts I used 6 feet of white string. With a darning needle thread on five beads. Sew one long stitch in the back of the heart.  Make sure not to pierce the front of the heart and keep your stitch as level as possible.

Pull the thread through the heart, attach five more beads,  repeat until finished ending with five beads.

Tie a noose knot  on each end of the string,  this will allow you to easily adjust the length of your banner.



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Sharing helps my blog grow

76 thoughts on “Romantic Valentine’s Banner Bling Hop

  1. My 14 year old daughter loves to sew and also loves anything to do with beads. This is a great project for her! Thank you!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear. She can learn about interfacing and hand beading using even spacing. It really inexpensive to put together as well. I hope she loves doing one.

    1. Soft pink is my favorite colour. It’s wonderful that it’s such a perfect colour for Valentine’s day. I hope you enjoy our Blog hop.

      I read about your little pup. It hard when a family member gets ill. Hope he has a miracle.

    1. Hi Michelle. Thank you, that is the overall feel I wanted. I love period movies and books.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Debra: It’s delicate but not fragile at all. I can fold it up into a ziploc bag for storage without any problems.

      I know Valentines is for men as well, but for me the decor etc is feminine. Hubs gets a special dessert he’s happy.

      Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. I love mirrors especially in the dark days of winter. I expect my grand daughters for a visit soon and they will likely use it a night light.

      Creating these feminine frilly items has made Valentines fun.

      Happy Valentines Day to you. Leanna

    1. Hi Lisa: I was late to the banner trend and I absolutely love them They add a little cheer to a room without adding clutter.

      I decorated my home in red for Christmas and pink is my favorite colour so I went with the pink.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. I did a post for a Boyfriend in a Box Amy. I would like to suggest treating yourself to one.

      Hugs and warm thoughts Leanna.

  2. This is such a great idea for decorations. I really want to give it a shot, but I have a feeling mine won’t turn out this well.

    1. It was pretty easy to put together. I hope you do try it and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

      Happy Valentines Leanna

  3. Beautiful and so dainty looking. I like the Victorian look too, sometimes no matter what I set out to make it ends up looking Victorian.

    1. Oh really? Isn’t that wonderful. I can imagine how pretty and feminine your home is.

      Are most of the things you make Pink? Or do you use other colours?

    1. Valentines goes with hearts like Easter does bunnies lol. This project was fun to make because it is so obviously feminine.

      Thank you for commenting.

      Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you Marci I haven’t made alot of garlands, but I really love them so sure I will end up making more.

      Have a good weekend. Leanna

    1. I am thrilled with your description of the banner as elegant. What a lovely thing to say.

      I very much appreciate it. Leanna

    1. Hi Shirley: Modern romance just doesn’t touch me the way the Victorian period stuff does. Pink lace, corsets, sweeping skirts, and of course pearls.

      Have a great weekend lady. The blog hop is awesome.

  4. Favorite project out of all these lovely blogs goes to you! I adore these! Just found my weekend project, I think I’ll make these for the cubicles at work!

    1. That’s wonderful, thank you for saying so Angelica.

      This would work well for a work cubicle. A little pink bling. If your pinning it off of a pin board you could add battery lights and hide them behind one of the hearts.

      Enjoy your weekend. Please contact me and let me know how it turns out. Leanna

    1. Hi Sara: That’s really nice of you to say. This year I am much more into Valentines then I ever have been. It is fun doing all these girlish crafts and sharing them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. oooh I love everything romantic and pretty, and make fabric flowers, so this is perfect for me. I’d love to try it – soooo cute!!

    1. Hi Rosie: That’s great. I doesn’t need to be fancy fabrics, just soft tones. I think you could even do paper flowers if you wanted to.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi. This would be great for kids with the exception of hot gluing the flowers.

      They could cut the circles but I find the glue too hot for little ones to put them together. Not sure how old your children are, but I often make them by sewing them together and making the center with a button instead of a bead. I hope you have fun with it. Leanna

    1. I think so too Natalie. I think it would cute in a little girl or teenagers bedroom.

      Thank you for commenting. Have a good weekend. Leanna

    1. I had not considered it as a gift, but you certainly could give it to someone. Wouldn’t it be pretty all wrapped up in tissue paper with a pink bow and white paper.

      What a great idea.


    1. Hi Dana: Thank you. I am not much of a romantic but I certainly love all the pinks, plums, reds and bling of Valentines decor.

    1. Hi Mary: I hope you make yourself one. It took me to evenings because I wasn’t concentrating on it. I was puttering and beading while hubs was watching TV. You have plenty of time to finish one before Valentines.

    1. Hi Erlene: I am happy with how it turned out and I haven’t seen any beaded banners.

      I really enjoyed your Valentine post about the fortune cookie. It was so cute, and that shape of pillow would be ultra cozy comfy as well.

    1. Thank you Laura: Soft pearlish pink is my favorite colour. I love it especially paired with golds and whites.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Leanna

    1. Thank you. Soft pink is my favorite colour, but I pretty much love all pinks. I am really excited to be doing this bling themed blog hop. I really enjoy looking at sparkles and bling and Valentines suits it.

    1. Too cute a pun Ashley. I am in love with it too lol.

      It didn’t take much effort to put it together and it stores easily to keep for next year.

      Glad you love it. Leanna

    1. Right on Audrey. Pink is so feminine, fresh and soft looking. Especially soft pink its such a calming, gentle colour. I have always loved pink as well.

      Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Thank you Rosanne. I did much more decorating and celebrating for Valentines when my children were around. This is a nice piece that can be easily stored and reused next year.

      Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Jody: Glad to know you like them. The colours and little tiny beads are what make them look delicate. They are easy to do though.

      Thank you for commenting. I love receiving feedback.

    1. Hi Jody. I was trying for a romantic Victorian feel, so I used tiny beads and lace to make it look feminine.

      Thank you for commenting.

    1. Hi Dana: I am glad you appreciate it. As the actual hearts are layered using interfacing its doesn’t take a significant amount of hand sewing. I am proud of this little project thank you for commenting.

  6. These are the cutest most romantic hearts ever Leanna! You really thought of everything when you added all of those lovely little details to the banner! So so pretty!

    1. Hi Katrin: The theme for the link up was Bling on the Love, I had found several kinds of pretty pink beads in a spot sale at Michaels, more than a year ago.

      When browsing through my stash I knew the beads would add that little bit of bling I wanted.

      I am proud of how this little banner turned out. I appreciate you taking the time to share the love. Have a good weekend. Leanna

  7. That’s so romantic and gorgeous and pretty Leanna and the banner would look perfect in a Victorian drawing room. I can just picture the admiring glances it would get from all the ladies 😉

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