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This post has been 9 months in the planning.  A brand new year seems like the perfect time to take the leap and start my children’s story series.

I created a new Opt-in Library called the Faerie Insider’s Library.   Every month I will add a letter size printable of a door, with a corresponding child’s story that you can frame or place in a binder.  If  you have already joined the Faerie Insiders and followed me, remember you can find the page in the About Me and Contact Menu (add your password)

Faerie, Story, FairyLet me start out by introducing Faye,  the artist finished drawing her last spring.  Not only is Faye part of my branding, she is the main character of all my stories.  Each month Faye will learn a life lesson and meet a new friend.

Faye is currently between  5 and 7 years old, she is determined, sweet and loves adventure.

The artist created her from a picture of my two granddaughters. People have commented that Faye looks like me, which makes my heart sing as she is a composite of my two little ones.

The First Faerie Insiders Printable for January

Meet January,  I think it is the perfect name for the Great Pyrenees character.  The actual printable is letter sized and does not include the frame graphic.

Faerie. Fairy, Door,Children

The following is an excerpt from the story.  The full e-book is in the Faerie Insider’s Library.

Faye Walks to School

“Yaaawarghhhhh, good morning,” Faye says as she stumbles down the stairs of their old two-story farmhouse.  Faye plops down at the table all dressed and her hair not brushed.   Faye’s Mom puts a bowl of oatmeal in front of her “This will keep you warm,” she says.  Not if I don’t eat it Faye thinks, but knows not to say it.  After her Mom adds a little maple syrup is poured on top Faye quickly eats it all.

Faye finishes getting ready for school with a couple reminders “Wear a sweater,” “Remember to put on two pairs of socks”, she hears her Mom calling up from downstairs.   As Faye gets ready to leave her Mom insists she wears a toque, scarf, boots and her big heavy coat.  Faye manages to argue her way out of wearing ski pants by convincing her Mom it isn’t that far to school

It was Tuesday and Faye had a secret.

Faye’s older brother told her he saw some rabbits nesting in the bushes by the big tree near the Donaldson’s house.  Faye is going to visit them.

Yesterday Mom had made peanut butter sandwiches, which are  Faye’ s favourite, but she didn’t think rabbits ate peanut butter.

“Woo hoo and a yabba doo”. thought Faye.  Mom made yucky ham and lettuce sandwiches, so Faye has lettuce to feed the rabbits…….

I hope you enjoy January’s door and story.  Next months door art is in the works.

If you want the complete letter size picture and the Faye Walks to School E-book you can join the Faerie Insider’s here.

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37 thoughts on “Series Door Printable and Monthly Faerie Story – January Edition

  1. I really enjoy the link parties and have meat a few other bloggers. Its a really good way for a new blogger to network and meet other blogger in their niche. Thank you for commenting.

  2. How cool is that Leanna. I always thought that Faye was you and it’s so lovely to hear more about her. It sounds like she’s going to have some amazing adventures and I can’t wait to read more. Sending you love and sunshine from South Africa

    1. Hi Michelle: Just imagine the joy it gives me to have a little character I am attached to read in South Africa. It feels unbelievable to me.

      The love and sunshine I can use, we have had a very mild winter this year, but I am longing for tulips and the yard.

      Hugs and have a good week. s

    1. Hi Maria: Thank you for saying so. Its a very different type of post for me, but Faye is lots of fun to write about. I can literally see her in my mind. Its funny.

      Have a marvelous week and thank you double for the encouragement, it means alot.


    1. Thanks Marjan. Its especially nice to get the positive feedback because I have the stories planned as a series for a year.

      Thanks for taking the time to tell me about it. Leanna

  3. So adorable Leanna, I love this! My now 8 year old would too! Faye does look like you, and your little granddaughters must love hearing stories from you! Can’t wait to see and read more!

    1. I hope your little ones enjoy the stories. I really enjoyed writing the story and creating Faye, she is lots of fun.

      I got the picture for February and am writing the story now. Its exciting to think about little girls in Spain hearing my story. Pinch me.

      Thanks for the thoughts. Leanna

    1. Hi Lisa: Thank you. I was hoping Faye would get a warm reception. I have a soft spot for my little character.

      The kind feedback is appreciated. Leanna

    1. Amber that is the best. I am to the bone excited about the reception Faye has received. Hitting post was kind of like sending her out the door lol. I hope your little one enjoys it. I am working on February’s story now.

      Enjoy your weekend. Leanna

    1. Thank you Deborah. I agree with you the artist is amazing I am really happy with the drawing.

      Enjoy your weekend. Leanna

    1. I really is kind of wild how much Faye ended up looking like me.

      I haven’t had any opportunity to see my little ones lately, but I did send the picture to their Dad and recorded myself reading them the story.

      Thanks for commenting Mary. The feedback as always is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Debbie: The says your should write about what you know. Writing about Faye seems like the most natural thing. I can see her sloshing along, I appreciate the feedback that the story read well. As you well know its hard to judge objectively when you heart is into something.

      Have a wonderful weekend beautiful lady. Leanna

    1. Hi Pam: It makes so happy to hear that my story is being shared with your grand daughter. I hope she enjoys the story.

      I really appreciate the feedback. very much so. Leanna

    1. You made my day with your comment Susanne. It is so exciting to know a little person will hear Faye’s story. Obviously this is a new creative outlet for me so it was a bit daunting to hit “post”.

      Thanks for joining the Insiders as well. If you want to send me a suggestion for a story or feedback your more then welcome to email me. Leanna

  4. Such a fun idea! I am definitely a faery/fairy lover. And a story-lover. Will look forward to reading all the stories and seeing all the doors!

    1. Hi Naomi: I am really excited to read your comment. I actually received the final revision of February’s door today. If you have a little one feel free to request a certain “moral of a story” you would find helpful to have Faye experience.

    1. Hi Pam: Each story will have a “moral” for Faye to learn. Writing the stories takes time but its much more fun than policies and procedures lol.

      Thank you for commenting. Enjoy the weekend Leanna

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