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Be Kind to Girlfriends

Like most people every New Years causes me to do some reflecting and goal setting.  I am truly thankful for my best friend Bonnie and some other amazing women I have met in my lifetime.  Since starting the blog I have met dozens of kind generous talented women who helped me along in this new endeavour.  Girlfriends are such a treasure.

Reflecting on all the beautiful moments shared with girlfriends gave me the idea to write a small series about different ways to be kind to the girls in your life.  I am going to do one each for single friends, mothers and married friends.

Mothers of Entertaining Children

Have you ever had a girlfriend who didn’t get visitors because the kids were a bit too “entertaining”. Mom of mild kids deserve a hand as well, but overwhelmed Moms likely could use it just a little bit more.  I know I am guilty of visiting them less often so as not to add to their workload, but that can leave them a bit isolated.

My boys were actually very mild.  I always said the dumbest thing I ever did was to have enough sons they outnumbered me. I use to laugh with them and say they were younger, faster and smarter, but mama was more devious.  With the three of them one always seemed to be “more entertaining”.  They seemed to rotate it like the flavor of the week.

“You have Permission”

On those days when I did not know which end was up I could rely on humour, coffee, music, deep breathing exercises and my girlfriends to help me.

As women we often put ourselves last, we don’t allow ourselves a break.  We pile it on Sister, we most certainly do.  It’s like we need permission to do something for ourselves.

With that thought in mind I came up with some simple easy things I could do to help a mother out.  The lemon themed ones are gentle reminders to Moms that they can give themselves permission to take a break.  The rose themed one are little favors I can do to help her.

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These are obviously generic, inexpensive and would depend on the children’s ages. Knowing more specific circumstances you could create permission slips for everything from making a trip to the dump, to a massage gift certificate.

With Valentines day coming up, maybe a Mom you know could really benefit from one or two of these.  I know exactly who I am going to share these permission slips with.  Do you have anyone in mind?












16 thoughts on “Kind to Girlfriends Series – Permission Slips

  1. Leanna, it’s so true, we women do pile way too much on our plate, don’t we? I always think that I can get everything done, but I’m not estimating my time too well, there really is only 24 hours in a day!

    These favors, treats and permission slips are a great idea, everyone deserves a bit of time to themselves, even if it’s just an hour to take a long hot bath!

  2. What a great idea Leanna. My two daughters are not mild at all and I would need one or two (or three) of those slips lol. Thank so much for sharing them with us, enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. Hi Pili: Thank you for saying as a Mom this would be relevant and helpful. I am hoping a these get printed and used. Give yourself permission to take me time. I remember needing 20 minutes of quiet when I first got home from work after that I could happily go again.


  3. That’s such a super idea Leanna. I have a friend with four boys and man are they wild. Whenever they come visit it looks like our house has been hit by a bomb and it takes us a week to recover. Okay, to be honest it’s not all because of the boys, we usually end up having way to much fun when we see each other, but she does deserve some of these permission slips. Her husband is out of town often and I have no idea how she finds time for herself. Thanks for the lovely idea.

    1. Hi Michelle: I bet she would appreciate some permission slips more than anything else you could give her. Women are so notorious for taking too much on and feel like we need to do it all.

      Enjoy your week. Thanks for commenting Leanna

  4. Hi Leanna, I think that is such a sweet gift idea to give your friends who are moms, especially those with young children. I wonder how many times my friends really need even a half hour break, but don’t feel like they can reach out and ask for help. I love how the permission slips can break the ice for them! #HomeMattersParty

    1. Hi Nicole: I thought by making the tasks little breathers the Moms would use it as intended and not take it as time to go get at errand done instead.

      I had not thought of the slips breaking the ice for a Mom who is shy to ask. Great addition lady. Thank you for bringing it up.

  5. Those are great gifts to give. I am a grandmother but my daughter and her twin six-year-old boys are living with me at present. The boys are definitely not mild! I am with them quite a bit when their mother is at work or when they are not at school. I feel like I need these little helps as much as my daughter! Maybe more! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Hi Naomi: She is lucky to have you. Thank you for confirming that these little tokens would be valuable. Valentine’s doesn’t have to mean chocolates coming from a guy. There are lots of other ways that we can show caring to those around us. You certainly show care by having your grandchildren with you.

    1. Hi Emily: We certainly do need reminders to give ourselves permission to take some Me time. I know that all the holidays add to a mother’s must do list. I figured these little valentines would give her a minute or two of her own.

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