Wrapping Pretty Packages for in the Mail

We All Love Wrapped Gift Exchanges

In his book  “The Five Love Language” Gary D. Chapman named receiving gifts as one of the love languages.

Receiving gifts makes us all feel loved, to some of us it means more than it does to others, but a specially wrapped present appeals to each of us.  It’s no wonder we all get excited.

Gifts for the Mail can be Pretty

When I was little I got packages in the mail from my grandparents and my Uncle Homer.  I always had to wait and remember feeling super excited but that the presents looked kind of sad nestled in with all the pretty presents.

Now I send out parcels to a couple family members each year.  Parcels for the mail require more care then those under the tree but they can be just as pretty, as festive and are certainly every bit as exciting.
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These gifts are pretty enough for under any tree.  They may not be able to have the large fluffy bow, but the pretty layers of papers and the pom pom is equally as nice.

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To keep the embellishments as flat and sturdy as possible, avoid anything three dimensional like a Christmas ornament or a fluffy bow.

Some of these paper embellishments are made on the Silhouette, but that isn’t necessary. The scrap book store is a great place to find unique and gorgeous paper products.  I purchased card paper, various stickers and cut outs for the packages

This year pom poms are very popular so I added a pom pom to the one gift.  Although, it may take up a little bit more room than the absolutely flat packages, but it will mail well and unlike bows I am sure it will still look like a pom pom when it is received.

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Post Office and Shipping Requirements

To send a parcel out in the mail,  first of all wrap it nicely and then pack the gifts together in the shipping box.  Cover the shipping with brown paper, ugly packaging tape and string. Once it is in the mail  I contact the receiver to tell them presents are on the way.  That they can go ahead and open the shipping box and put the wrapped individual presents under their tree.

As each postal or shipping service has their own guidelines; here are the links to the major postal services for North America.

Canada Post Guidelines for Mailing Packages

US Postal Service Guide




19 thoughts on “Wrapping Pretty Packages for in the Mail

  1. These are so pretty, I especially love the package wrapped in red (you know me and red). I totally agree that the gifts inside the plain wrapped parcel should be as beautiful as a gift given in person. Especially since you are not there to hand deliver the gift – wrapping it with special touches gives the present a touch of your presence!

    1. Hi Marie: I could not agree with you more. I kind of have the family reputation for being the one who does “all that fancy stuff” As time went on they started to expect it. I like how you said wrapping it with special touches gives i touch of my presence. That is my feeling exactly. Very well said.

    1. Hi Debra; Thank you. I remembered the sad ugly gifts from the mail service and decided I could do something better than that. Glad you enjoyed my post.


    1. Hi Sarah:

      I am glad I provided you with some tips. Blogland has so many talented creative women it’s a challenge to think of something to offer that’s fresh and new.

      I appreciate you commenting and I will drop by Trendy and Tidy and say hi.

  2. Beautiful presents

    I put my presents (wrapped) in a larger box to send to family. Used to be inexpensive but now I have to be careful of the weight. As you said, the wrapped boxes do not have bows but are colorful.

    1. Hi Carol: You got that right the price of shipping packages is ridiculous. I know that sending a gift card is easier but not personal enough. Thankfully I don’t mail alot of parcels either.

    1. I loathe it when the presents get all wrecked. One year we chose to drive to all the families houses in four different cities and distribute gifts and visits. I was not amused with how the last of the gifts looked. So flat and the ribbons all crinkled. But I think I was the only one who cared. blush lol

      Were getting closer and closer to the holidays. Eureka!

  3. Good information, Leanna. I don’t mail gifts frequently so I hadn’t really thought about choosing flat embellishments for the wrappings. I do have one to mail this year, though, so I’m grateful for your post.

  4. Hello Naomi:

    I am glad I gave you some ideas. Were so lucky to have all this creative inspiration available to us these days. It is an awful lots of fun.

    Merry Christmas Naomi, thank you for commenting. Its nice to hear.

  5. I am just getting ready to mail packages this week and you have inspired me to wrap more beautifully than just plain paper with name tags! I love for the packages to look pretty under the tree. Somehow it makes waiting more exciting to know that beautiful package is for you! Since I am mailing to my grandchildren, I want them to feel so excited and special. Thanks for your great post.

    1. Hi Helen: I know we all try and avoid the commercial side of the holidays, but for me I adore piling the gifts high for the grand children. They get so over the top excited, I bet your grand kids cannot wait to see whats coming in the mail.

      Thank you for letting me know I provided you with some ideas to make your holiday gift giving special.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family. Leanna

    1. Hi Helen:

      These wrapping ideas don’t take very long, especially if you buy the embellishments.

      I really like the Pleasures of the NW Link party. The majority of my posts are DIY projects so I am able to come and link every week. Thank you for hosting. Leanna

    1. Hi Melony: I really enjoyed reading that book. Its beneficial in all relationships I think. I did laugh when I found out my two languages, but it taught me that not everyone else applies the exact same level of appreciation for the different loving gestures.

      That book is amazing. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

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