DIY Christmas Tartan Chair Covers

Chair Covers Freshen a Table Set

I really like our basic table and chairs, the table pulls out and the middle leaf flips out from inside the table.  The table size is adjustable and there is no table leaf to deal with.   The chairs are built very solid and strong, but the finish is wearing off of them from use meaning they need to have chair covers until I decide to try and refinish the set.

Like most of us I am beyond busy this time of year, so I wanted to make something really fast and not too elaborate to cover them,  The theme this year is red tartan so I used 6 metres of my tartan material on the chair covers.  I prewashed and ironed all the material as soon as I purchased it.
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Creating the Pattern and Cutting

You may prefer to measure your chairs to figure out the chair cover size.  I use a blue see through garbage bag.   The bag makes it easier to visualize and if there are curves you can make adjustments using a felt marker.

Chair Back

Place the bag over your chair and pull tight like a chair cover.  Mark the outline of the side and hem with the jiffy marker.  Remove from the chair.

Lay one layer of material face Up. Place your pattern on the material and mark out one inch past the edges and two inches at the bottom to for seams and hems.

Cut your material.  For each chair, you will need two squares for the back.

Chair Bow Tie Ons

Measure the length of your chair cover. Mine was 16 inches. Divide the measurement in half (8″) and add 1 inch (9″) for seam allowance.  This will be the height of your tie on fabric pieces.

My material is 54 inches wide.  I cut four 9″ inch strips for each chair.  If your material is a bit wider or narrower its fine,  It will just affect the length of the tails on your bow.

Chair Cover, Tartan, Christmas, Sewing, DIY, Crafts, Home Decora

Seal Seams

Sew around all the material edges with a serger or a zig zag stitch, this will prevent unraveling and loose threads.

Tie Ons

Pin your tie on material and sew three seams.  Leave one short seam open.  Once sewn turn right side out.  Make sure the corners are pushed out as much as possible.  Iron.

Chair Cover

Start to create the hem.  Take the chair back pieces, fold up the bottom edge one inch, then fold it up once more.  Iron flat and sew.  Make sure to fold and crease the hem on the underside of the fabric so the hem doesn’t show on the outside of the chair cover.  You want to make sure that the bows are on the outside of the chair cover.


Sewing, Chair Cover, Christmas, Home Decor, DIY, Tartana
Place one of the hemmed squares good side up on the table.  Find the center of the side seams, place the center of the bow ties in the center of the chair back seam.  Cover with the second hemmed square good side down.

Christmas, Tartan, Chair Cover, DIY, Crafts, Sewing

Place your homemade see through pattern on top of the chair cover, Pin everything in place.  Place your see through pattern over top and confirm the chair dimensions are co

Sew closed.  Turn inside out, place on the chair and tie ribbon.

Tartan, Christmas, DIY, Crafts, Sewing, Chair Covers, Home decor

Hope you love these as much as I do.

I sew different chair covers to match the surrounding decor, such a quick makeover project.  If you interested in white decor you should take a look at these White Christmas Chair Covers.





Christmas, Crafts, DIY, Sewing, Home Decor

35 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Tartan Chair Covers

    1. Hi Debra: Every style of chair is a bit different, so its impossible to do a tutorial using measurements. Using those blue see through garbage bags made a huge difference for me in designing various projects. Thank you for the pin, they don’t take very long to put together at all. Feel free to email me if you have any questions on the tutorial. Leanna

    1. Thank you Marie. Your on, I finally got my decor done I think. Now we need some sun for nice pictures. Then I get to bake.

    1. Hi Randi: I am very excited to be co-hosting the party in December. I am constantly learning and meeting other new bloggers which is awesome. Thank you for letting me know you stopped by my blog. Its nice to know whose reading and liking my efforts. Leanna

    1. Hi Maureen: I was in the same situation. I like the chairs I have and didn’t have time to refinish them for the holidays. Besides I think these are more festive.

      Let me know if you make them. I would like to see your version. Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Pam. What do you do just fold the material in half? These ones needed to be deeper than i wanted the bows to be. For spring I may try your method. Did you post them?

    1. Hi Mary: This is the first year I have had red in my Christmas decor. I have to admit I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would.

      Thanks for your feedback. Its nice to hear that your work is enjoyed. Leanna

    1. Hello Dara: I assure you these are super easy to make. If you have access to a sewing machine try them. I am no seamstress either.

      I love tartan too, especially in skirts and at Christmas. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and provide me with positive feedback. Leanna

  1. Oh my gosh Leanna, I love plaid and have used it in my family room/kitchen area. I may have to make some of these covers for next year. Love them!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Hi Jann: I hope you do make them. The tutorial outlines a general method so that it can be adjusted to your own chair size.

      This is my first year for anything but white. Its a big change for me this year.

    1. Hi Claire: I have just recently discovered your blog and love it. The link party has some gorgeous outfits in it this week. Thank you very much for the feature. Pinch me, I am happy. Leanna

    1. Jennifer I am really happy to hear that. I feel very honoured.

      I found your party recently and have enjoyed participating. Thank you so much for the feature.

  2. I just love this idea and since you make it sound pretty simple I plan to try it in the coming year. I purchased my lovely colorful print chairs this year but for Christmas they are kind of clashing just a bit. I would have loved to had quieted them down with a solid. Brilliant idea!

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