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I don’t think of myself as a treasure hunter because I often spend a whole day searching and buy nothing.  I have learnt to look in the off season area, the 70% off section, and damaged sections in the hopes of seeing something.  I recommend it and if you see something that appeals,  grab it if the price is very good.  At the very least you end up with a project.

It’s true you can end up with a huge hoard of uncompleted junk and particularly with the off season stuff you end up with a storage nightmare, but in small amounts I think we can all find a little spot for our assorted “treasures”.

I came across a damaged frame at the store in the discount section.   It looked simple to fix so I snagged it up.  Herman replaced one strip of the wood for me.  I am using it to replace the clear glass perfume bottle tray that was sitting on the counter.


Farmhouse, Shelf, Refinish, DIY

I gave the shelf a quick paint job in grey and then white chalk paint.  I  sanded the paint so the grey would come through and reattached the  baskets.

shelf, farmhouse, refinish, diyThe baskets came with two little label frames. Using some cotton boll clip art I created His and Hers labels .



Perfume bottles can be fairly heavy and the glass bottles can break.   Because of this the shelf has to be attached to the studs in the wall and not just the gyproc. (Fairly common problem I know)   Of course,  the one and only wall stud was located right in the middle of the shelf racks.

Herman removed the two hanging brackets that were originally on the rack.  He then reattached the screws and wrapped a wire across the back of the rack and pulled it tight. He was then able to hang it in the middle.

DIY, Farmhouse, Shelf, RefinishI purchased the little picture frame to use with  a farmhouse printable in the guest room.   Once I got home I kept the frame filler because I enjoy the motivation saying.  It seems very fitting for a new blogger.

Happy Hunting

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19 thoughts on “Farmhouse Basket Shelf

    1. It is a rare find for me, so I will buy something not quite knowing how I will put it to use. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

  1. What a fabulous project and so practical. I too love to look in clearance sections of the stores to see what they want to get rid of. It kind of a rush to find something and then be able to use it for the perfect need.

    1. I agree, it makes your home seem more “yours” . I love to refurbish things, its a practical way to recycle and get a bargain.

  2. Hi Katrin: Thank you. I have this thing about clear counters lol. This shelf could also be used for hair care stuff, or curling irons etc, but I had already found a drawer I store all that in. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

  3. Thanks Maria: I really enjoy refurbishing, the biggest challenge for me is to find the right piece at a price that makes it worthwhile. Thanks for posting.

    1. Refurbishing is often pretty simple. Its the locating the right piece and figuring out where you could use it. I allow myself on rubbermaid container full of project junk. Thank you for commenting Bobbi.

    1. Hi Michelle: I felt kind of funny leaving the frame insert in. But it fit the occasion. Thanks for posting lady. Leanna

    1. Hi Marie: What I can’t figure out is how you locate all those finds of yours. Its a skill you have lady.

      I do like how this little shelf turned out. It looks like it was designed for incoming and outgoing mail, I keep my mail well hidden in a drawer. This is a much better purpose I think

      Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Thank you for the thumbs up Mary. I don’t have your knack for finding treasures yet, but I am learning. I have a large rubbermaid tote now that I put whatever “finds” I come across. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

  4. Leanna, what a great idea! This shelf is so cool looking and you’ve now made room on the vanity too. Never have enough counter space in the bathroom. Herman is a great handy man to have around, the 2 of you together are quite a combo. Love the colors of the shelf and the His and Hers signs.

    I especially love the framed saying! It is definitely fitting!

  5. Hi Nikki: I have had a habit of having a motivational saying in my personal bathroom for a long time. It started back in the days of the “Man in the Mirror” poem. Do you remember it or is that before you time?

    Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it. Leanna

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