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Halloween Decor

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Halloween Decor for an Empty Nester

Halloween is very low key at our house.   Thankfully our street has a very large  well attended haunted house; so we have more than a 100 trick or treaters, very rare in our city. I was upset when it snowed so early this year, but eureka we warmed up and it looks like it will be a snow free Halloween.

As there are no little ones at home the decorations consist of a few vignettes on the main floor only. I didn’t buy anything new this year, I just used what I had stored.

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Outside Halloween Decor

Due to that horrible awful early snow, my gerbera daisies got frozen, as did the mums. The poor little daisy looks rather cute all drooped over.  They still had some personality left so I spray painted their poor little frozen carcasses black to add the creepy dead factor and stuck in little light up ghosts for extra illumination on the front porch.

Halloween, Home Decor, DIYMy original idea was to make a toxic landscape with rats and poison warning signs.  On second thought that seemed a little out of place for trick or treaters so I used the ghosts instead.  The one large Mum plan survived the snow fall.  I did not have the heart to spray it black yet.  If it freezes dead I will paint it as well.



Indoors Halloween

Three years ago while on holidays in the Kootenays were located the North Woven Broom Co and purchased five brooms for ourselves and as gifts.    I added the crows and rats, along with some witches hat and signs and created a witches parking landscape for the foyer.


Home Decor, Fall, DIY, Halloween

If you read my festive fall home tour post I mentioned having one seasonal decor feature on the kitchen island.  For the last five Halloweens its been this cute little ghost cookie jar. Sometimes he has popcorn balls,  cookies, or my favorite Halloween kisses.  This year he is full of chocolate bars.

Halloween, Fall, Home Decor,

For the table I took the pumpkin cookie jar I had on top of the cupboards along with a burlap covered oil diffuser and this little ghost that was my Halloween office buddy.  I really like how the creams match the new tray I bought for fall.

Fall, Halloween, DIY, Hom Decor

That’s all the decor I do for Halloween.  Unless  a little one comes for a visit, I am ready.

Happy Halloween.  Free chocolate bars at my house!!!




Sharing helps my blog grow

20 thoughts on “Halloween Decor

  1. You have quite the creative mind! What an amazing idea to spray paint the frozen daisies! Quite resourceful! I really enjoyed this post – loved all the ghosts, rats and witches hats!!

    1. Hi Kristine: I would decorate more if we had children still at home. I loved that those Gerbera daisies survived all summer with my brown thumb. Thank you for commenting.

    1. LOL “Hoppy” Halloween to you too, great pic. Spray painting the plants was super quick to do. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi Sarah:I love having them in my decor, I once saw them outside in -42 on the pavement one foot down, the other one pulled up into their feathers. I fell in love with them, they are strong, smart survivors.,

  2. Aw those ghosts look so cute and like nice little ghosts that only give you a little bit of a scare 😉 and the idea of spray painting the frozen daisies black is really cool! I can’t imagine you had snow already, that’s so pretty this time of year I think! Enjoy your Halloween!

    1. Hi Katrin: Halloween is this week. We don’t go out for parties or anything, but I still get excited. I love seeing all the trick and treaters, so cute in their costumes. Happy Halloween to you as well.

  3. Hi Linda: That’s too bad. I certainly don’t do the haunted house, or Halloween costumes anymore. I miss it. I wish I could learn to get to bed early, I still just set the alarm wishing I got more sleep.

  4. I love how you have hidden surprises in your decor, it speaks so much to your fun personality. The spray painted daisy is one, how funny is that, and it looks great. the other is the witch broom parking, fun and interesting. But of course, I think I’m most interested in what’s inside your ghost cookie jar! LOL

    1. I am so proud of that little daisy as it survived the whole summer. I had written in my daytimer to bring it indoors the day that is snowed lol. It served me well. Thanks for writing Nikki. Leanna

  5. How fun! I love your ghost vignettes. Spray painting the dead flowers is a perfect touch for Halloween. Thanks for linking up at the Happy Halloween Link Party. Pinning.

    1. Hi Beverly: I found that blogging got me more involved in Halloween than I had been. I always do the front porch and wait for the little ones. But because of blogging and the Happy Halloween Link party, I was able to enjoy Halloween for a couple extra weeks.

      Thank you for commenting.

    1. Hi Mary: Too funny, snakes don’t bother me that much. For me its freaking spiders, I don’t even want them in my decor. Yuk and Foo!

      Happy Halloween. Let me know how your party works out. Leanna

    1. I am a Go to Grama’s house Grama, and got the cookie jar to prove it. Thank you for the link party. I will be stopping by again.

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