Pumpkin Pennant

What is a Pennant exactly?

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A couple of years ago I made a O Holy Night swag for Christmas, then my grand daughter had one for her birthday party.    I made this fall pennant, but had no idea how to title the blog post accurately.  Do I call it a swag, a bunting, a pennant, or a banner?  Not wanting to make a mistake I had to look into it.  After a couple of hours of reading I discovered they are interchangeable terms.

The tutorial for the pennant is later in this post, but for those like me who need to know ……

Pennant decor comes in a wide variety of different shapes and materials but in a nutshell this is what I learned about naming them.

A swag  a piece of fabric fastened to hang in a drooping curve.


A bunting is a lightweight loosely woven fabric used chiefly for flags and festive decorations.women-are-great-banner

A banner a large strip of cloth with a design, picture, or writing on it.


A pennant usually tapers to a point or swallowtail.

A swallow tail is a deeply forked or tapering tail.   By these definitions my project could be named by any one of the definitions.

Now that is out of the way and  I am assured I am naming my project correctly, I can continue.

Fall Pumpkin Pennant

Fall, Home Decor, Silhouette,


Cut out the burlap triangles.  The ones pictured are 8 by 5.5 inches . Pennant Pattern You will need two for each section.  For the word “Pumpkin” cut 14 triangles.  You could use the same process for Fall, Autumn, Gather, etc.  as long as you cut two triangles for each letter.

Place interfacing between the two burlap triangles and press.  Set aside and repeat for each section.  You will end up with seven triangles.  If there are any ragged edges leave them for now.

Choose any card stock you like. Cut one smaller triangle (blue triangle in pattern)  for each section.  I think coordinating paper in different patterns adds interest.

aFall, Pennant, Home Decor, DIY

Burlap is hard to attach to, I went to the dollar store and found a package of picture mounts.  These worked very well.  Use the picture mounts to attach the paper to the burlap.  I have also made them using cardboard and hand stitched the corners.

Fall, Pennant, Home Decor, Silhouette

I used a silhouette to cut out my lettering on vinyl.  If you don’t have a silhouette you can print the letters out on card stock and carefully cut out  with an  artists knife.  I also found pre cut letters at the dollar store,  they even had some in balsa wood.

Assembling the Banner

Fold the top of each section over about half an inch and sew the two corners. Finish the top by adding glue along the very edge to prevent fraying.

Pennant, DIY, Home Decor, Fall

Take a piece of twine about 9 feet long, thread the banner with the twine.

 Create a noose knot on each end.  This will allow you to adjust the length of your pennant.

Once your banner is together, trim off any frayed burlap edges.

These banners are fun to place anywhere in your home.  This time I put it on the bay window, with the pumpkin patch displayed below.

Happy Fall

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20 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pennant

    1. That’s a marvelous idea. I would love to see it. I have started to decorate for the winter months post holidays as well. Helps with the long haul to spring in Canada.

  1. Thank you for the clarification, Leanna. I have always wondered if I was using the correct term for these as I’ve made a few fun bunting banners…ahem…pennants, some for my daughter’s wedding in August. Pinning this post for others to learn the clarification but also to refer back to when my menopausal brain forgets.

    1. Thank you Marie: My need to know brain sometimes sends me down these paths. Once I know, I share. Glad you found it informative.

      Thank you for commenting. Leanna

  2. Leanna- I can’t tell you how long I have been wanting to make a “banner” like this. Your instructions and tips/hints are spot-on and very much appreciated, and I am struck by how much room there is for creativity. I may not get around to making one until Valentine’s Day (the way life is going right now!) but I am really excited to try this !!! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I hope you do make one and post is on Red Shutter Cottage. Too many moons ago I use to macrame friendship bracelets and used noose knots so we could adjust them. For whatever reason I remembered that. It worked well on adjusting the “banner”. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Rachael.

    2. The leather looking paper was a bit of a hunt to locate. Thank you very much for both the pin and taking the time to comment. Appreciate it. Leanna
    1. Hi Christine: I love the way it looks on the window. But wow was it hard to get a picture without too much glare. I haven’t started “staging” my home decor photos, try to post them as I have them. Thank you very much for commenting. Leanna

  4. Leanna, I love the way you decorate, your home is so pretty and welcoming. Not too much that it looks cluttered, just perfect. Love the pennant, it looks great with the fall colors and the pumpkin patch is gorgeous!

  5. Hi Nikki: Thank you very much for the kind comment. I don’t have much choice with the cl utter. If i keep too much stuff out I can’t locate anything. That huge bay window begs for decor and keeping it full has a practical side. It keeps my big dog from perching up there. Thanks every day for the Social Media Blast, its been amazing!!

  6. Super cute! Pennant, banner, or garland; whatever you call them, I love them and love making them too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Hello AmberJane. I included a full size pattern in the blog post. When you make your please let me know. I’d be interested in seeing it.

    Thank you for commenting. Leanna

    1. Thank you Crystal. This is the second banner I made. I find them fun to put together. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

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