Three Tier Tray for Fall

Three Tier Trays are Pretty and Functional

I saw countless pretty three tier tray arrangements on Pinterest.  I thought the trays would be handy to gather items together and clear off counters.  I had to have this one from Pier One because it was galvanized, (it called to me like a diamond I swear).  Once I brought it home I put it in the store room because I was not  sure about where to use it.

I like clear counters, I don’t like everything full of decor or anything else.  If I have too much out I can’t find anything, things have to be in their spot hidden in a drawer or closet somewhere.  That is the only way I can keep track of where I put my cell phone.

Fortunately I have a “spot” set aside for one welcoming decor piece on my kitchen counter.  You see it the second you come into the main room.  It has to be easily move able because it’s on my baking counter.  Sometimes it’s a cookie jar (I have a few of those) or a glass jar full of muffins.  This fall I pulled out my shiny new three tier tray and made a fall farmhouse display in it.


Farmhouse, three tier, fall, home decor,tray


I found the little white owl at Home Sense last year, the pumpkins are from the dollar store. I painted them with chalk paint and attached simple cutouts of fall leaves.  These little pumpkins would be cute  setting place holders, you could pencil the names in on the little beige leaves.


Three Tier Tray, Fall, Home Decor. Farmhouse,tray

Vintage with memories always my favorite

The little maid vintage salt and pepper shakers are from my childhood.  I “think” I bought them for my Mom when I was a little girl at Pat’s news in Prince George to be exact.  I can’t swear to it though.  I do remember always finding them special, Mom and I would say the prayers together.  They spend most of their time safely in the china cabinet, but  today I get to post about them.

three tier tray, Farmhouse, Vintage, 3 tier tray, home decor, tray


I filled the tray with some Home Sense farmhouse finds.  The little white nut is a candy dish I purchased last year.

three tier tray, Farmhouse, Fall, tray


I already had a tea towel that matched the grey checked card stock paper I used on the chalk paint pumpkin.  Not sure about you but that rarely happens with me, not unless I painfully search forever trying to find something just right.  I love it when poof that it just happens.

Whenever I am shopping and come across something cute, white and priced correctly I grab it.   If it’s white it will fit in and get used.   To the bottom tier I tossed in the little dollar store orange pumpkin for fall.  I have a few orange fall pieces that I still want to use, so I am peppering them through my fall decor.

Now that I have used this tray I have thought about a dozen decor uses for it.  Perfume bottles, teacups,  labelled jars full of craft goodies, cupcakes, muffins and squares.  For the next couple of month’s though, it will be my fall display.

three tier tray, fall decor, neutral fall decor, tray, home decor for fall

Happy Fall, hope your enjoying putting your decor together.


Fall, 3 tier tray, farmhouse, home decor




three tier tray, fall decor, neutral fall decor, tray, home decor for fall

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16 thoughts on “Three Tier Tray for Fall

  1. Shh….don’t tell anybody but this one is my favorite! The tiered tray is so perfect with the galvanized metal and the touches of copper. I love the things you chose to put on it. I love clear counters too and something like this is perfect for decorating but keeping things clear.

    So glad you joined us. 🙂

    1. Hi, so glad to hear you love my tier tray. I enjoyed reading the other posts as well, especially the vintage ones. Thank you for putting together the link party it was fun Leanna

  2. Leanna, What a sweet way to remember your mama. I think that salt and pepper set is so precious. Everything is beautiful in the tray and I like how you were able to match the towel to the leaves… lucky girl. I usually have to rummage to find something too for my projects. As for that countertop, I am so envious. If you saw mine you would freak. It is the drop to place for everything. I don’t know why this happens. I have a designated spot for everything but nothing stays where it should!

    1. Hi Mary: Thank you. They are from the early 60’s, almost antique like me lol. I treasure those few things from my Mom. Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Marie: Yes I was raised in Prince George, but when I am feeling homesick I am thinking of Kamloops or the Island. Pat’s news was one of those iconic old stores with the big flashing marquis signs. I loved it as a kid. Thanks for commenting. Leanna

    1. Hi Pam: I enjoyed doing this little tray up. Those little salt and pepper maids are one of my heirloom treasures. It was fun to share them. Thank you for commenting.

    1. This just rocks. I have had a technically rough blogging week. Being chosen as a feature and all the kind comments and interactions makes every little glitch worth it. Thanks bunches. Leanna

  3. Hi Leanna! I love the tiered tray too. Is that wood or copper trim around each section? Whatever…I really like the combo. Love the owl, and the things from your Mama…makes it special. I’m like you…I .”like” everything in its place, but it very rarely is.

    1. Hi Florence. It’s copper trim. It would be lovely in wood though. Someday I am sure I will likely paint the copper white. I have a bad habit of constantly changing things around. Glad you like it and thank you for posting.

  4. Your tray is beautiful! I so wish I could start my fall decor, but the renovations are still happening. I’ll just have to live through all my blogger friends!

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