DIY Pumpkin Cushions

Paint Your Own Pumpkin Cushions

I use to have a closet full of cushions from various stores in a rainbow of colours and textures that I had gathered over the years.  I liked all of them but they were not as large as I would have liked.  Last Christmas I decided to make my own cushions instead.   I saved a few of the embroidered, jeweled cushions, but the rest I donated.  I did the same thing in the spring and now its time for me to go through my fall things.  This is the first of the cushions I am making for this fall.

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These are easy to make when you break them down into individual steps.    I always say I am crafty, I am NOT artsy.  If I can paint these, I am certain you can paint these.

Pumpkin, Fall, DIY, Sewing, Painting, Home Decor


You will need a few materials.

Material for your cushion, (I used heavy muslin)  one piece 20 by 20 inches and two pieces 16 by 20 inches.  Prewash all your material and seal the edges with a Serger or zig zag stitch.

Art paper ( I used children’s art paper from the dollar store), a pencil and a black marker.

Acrylic paint, I used Neutral Grey, Burnt Umber, and Snow White.  Of course you can do the same thing with oranges, browns and greens.

Tintable Martha Stewart fabric medium, so you can use acrylic paint on fabric.

A plate for mixing the paint and fabric medium, a jar of water, small brushes and a paper towel.

Pencil Pumpkin

To create a template cut out a piece of paper to the size of your cushion.  Mine was 20″ by 20″.  Creating a template prior to painting allows you to erase as needed and gives a perspective as to the size of your pumpkin on the blank canvas of the cushion.  Here is a terrific  drawing how to video .



Once the pumpkin is drawn and shaped  as you like, outline it  in black marker to darken the lines.  Once this is done, place the material for the front of your cushion, good side up over your template and start painting.

DIY,Pumpkin, Fall, Cushions, Sewingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

DIY, Cushions, Pumpkin, SewingPaint the outline neutral grey. Once done, mix the neutral grey with white to get a slightly lighter grey.

Remember that pumpkins are curved, think about the general shape of a pumpkin and curve your strokes accordingly.

Fill your pumpkin in by section, using long C shaped strokes.



Pumpkin, Cushion, Sewing, Fall, DIY, As you complete each section, use  a small brush and burnt umber to paint along the inside of the pumpkin section outlines.  The colours will blend.

If you put on too much dark paint  even it out by adding the grey/white. If your shading is too light add some more burnt umber.

Clean your brush between dark and light colour changes.


To paint the stem.  Fill in with grey, outline with burnt umber,and add a few extra strokes for texture.

Pumpkins in nature come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and imperfections.  Have fun painting these,  they don’t need to be perfect to give the allusion of a pumpkin.

Let dry thoroughly before you start sewing.   Heat set the paint with a dry iron (described on Martha Stewart’s fabric medium).    Now your ready to sew.

As always I am making a simple envelope cushion cover.a

DIY, Pumpkin, Sewing, Cushion, Fall

Leave the cushion good side up.   Take the two 16 by 20 inch pieces iron a one inch seam along one length, sew along the edge..

Pin the two pieces to the front of your cushion cover as shown above.  Sew with a 5/8 inch seam around all seams.

Home Decor, DIY, Pumpkin, Sewing, Fall


I am still right in the middle of making items for fall decor and craft fairs.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be able to show you a picture of the entire room.  Lets just say the way this room looks today, your seeing a corner shot……

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15 thoughts on “DIY Pumpkin Cushions

  1. Leanna, your pumpkin cushions are absolutely beautiful! They’d go perfectly with my style and decor, I think I have to make some now! Love the colours you used, so pretty!!!

    1. Hi Katrin: I much prefer the neutral colours to the bright oranges for fall. I still have quite a few orange fall decor items, but I am phasing them out. Thanks for commenting. Leanna

  2. Your pumpkins turned out really lovely, almost like Pottery Barn. I actually paint with watercolor and while we’re spending a couple of weeks here at our cottage, I”m hoping to get some painting accomplished and maybe make up a few free printables for autumn. Your tutorial was great!

    1. Thank you Maria: I have done some painting for Christmas before but never for fall. I am really proud of these cushions. Thanks for commenting

  3. I am so attracted to the muted colors you used on your pumpkin pillows. I would love to find the time to make some–or even just one! We’ll see; life is pretty busy right now as I have my twin five-year-old grandsons staying at my house w/their mother right now. They keep me pretty busy as you can imagine!

    Anyway, I love your cushions. You did a great job!

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