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Tooth Fairy Bed and Printable

One of a Kind Tooth Fairy Keepsake

Sewing this little blanket made me wonder about the history of the tooth fairy.  She certainly existed when I was a little one, wiggling my tooth out dreaming of the loot I would haul in.  I was very surprised to find out that she is a fairly new 20th century North American concept.  She does not have a long tradition and its only in recent years that  children have been taught that the cleaner the tooth is the more reward it’s worth.    If you want to read up more on the history you will find it here.

Tooth Fairy Blanket Tutorial


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To make this little tooth faerie blanket you will need:

two pieces of coordinating flannel, 12 ” by 12″

two small pieces of felt 3″ by 3″

a small piece of iron on interfacing  3″ by 3″

a small piece of quilt batting 10″ by 10″

12″ of lace

embroidery thread

I think it would be very nice if you had a left over receiving blanket or two that you could repurpose into this blanket.  Unfortunately those days are long behind me.


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tooth outline

Fold the felt in half and cut out two pieces of felt the shape of a tooth.  Place the interfacing between the two layers of felt and iron.

Trim edges neatly.




Cut your flannel pieces 12″ square, and seal all edges with zig zag or serger to prevent fraying.

To create the pocket, sew the tooth to the good size of the flannel with the sewing machine.  Finish with blanket stitches using  embroidery thread. ( 3 strings)

Tooth Fairy, Faerie, Blanket, Sewing, DIY

Pin good sides together and sew on three sides leaving the edge open.

Turn inside out and press.

To make the mattress.  Cut your quilt batting into a 10″ by 9″ piece and fold in half along the short side so its 4.5″ by 10″.  Sew around all sides.  (This makes the mattress long enough to fill in the length and a little bit narrow on the width leaving and extra inch to fold over for cover.)

Tooth Fairy, Sewing, DIY, FaerieInsert the mattress into the flannel making sure the back corners are aligned.  Sew long the middle of the flannel to secure the mattress in place.






Turn the edge of the open seam in and press.  Insert and pin the lace into place.  Sew along the edge to close.

Tooth Fairy Letter Printable

The tooth fairy I used on the printable is courtesy of  Clipartkid



Tooth Fairy LetterYou can download  a copy of the letter here.










Remember brush and floss…..  🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Bed and Printable

  1. This is an adorable idea! Times sure have changed though if the tooth fairy is leaving $20 bills. Ours received 4 quarters and after the $1 bill was replaced, they received a loonie. Once we moved to the States, our youngest received $1 bills again.

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