Where did the Teddy Bears Go?

I typically write tutorials for DIY projects of some sort.  Tonight I was working on our second guest room and noticed  my loved bears.

Teddy Bears

Do you ever have times when your mind wanders to memories?  I  remember as a little girl begging my older brothers to win me a stuffy at the fair.  I think the love of stuffed animals is as strong with children as it ever was, but what about teddy bears in decor?

I loved and collected bears long  before the teddy bear craze of the 90’s when bears exploded on the scene. I received bears for every Mother’s day, birthday, and Christmas for a decade.  I had teddy bears of all kinds, Christmas ornaments, teddy bear artwork, teddy bear mugs,  miniature teddy bear figurines.     Slowly the fad died away.

I gave away a lot of the teddy bear art, all the figurines and adopted some of the  bears out to friends well deserving children.

Other teddy bears we were just too attached to.  About fifteen of them are stored as Christmas decorations.  Every year when the presents were opened under the family tree the boys would fill the spot in with the bears.  We would recall all their names and when we got them.   I still have those bears  tucked away in my storage room. I haven’t been able to let them go,

I am redoing a guest room into a girlish room for my grand daughters.  Currently the room holds an assortment of furniture that I need to refurbish and  my two most precious  bears.

Teddy Bear, Faeries
Victoria Bear

Meet Victoria…. she is about 25 years old now. She is starting to show her age, like someone else I could mention.

I remember when I got her. Times were hard, she was at a gift store I often went window shopping at.  It was love at first sight.  It took three months of saving and several trips making sure she was still there.   I still remember how excited the boys were for me when we went to get her for my birthday.

I still really love this bear. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Grampa in Retirement
Grampa Bear in Retirement

This is Grampa Bear,  we call him Grampa because he is the oldest of the bear collection.  He was a gift from Santa for my eldest son’s first Christmas.  He has been a very hard working bear.  My son wants him to stay here for safe keeping; his daughters play with him under supervision.  Grampa Bear is 38 this Christmas.  He is so loved, worn and tired.  But he has no rips of any kind.

I am going to leave these bears on the bed in the updated bedroom.  They are my friends.

I am just curious if anyone else has bears they want to do something special with.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Where did the Teddy Bears Go?

  1. Hard to believe the bear is 38 years old. Been around a long time that’s for sure.

    Our girls love stuffed animals too, they are always a go to toy.

  2. I have a bear that looks very similar to Grandpa Bear that my Grandma B. made for me. It’s probably 40 years old. Your post has motivated me to dig her out and place her somewhere I’ll see her everyday and think of my Gran. Keep up the great work, Leanna.

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