Vintage Doll Crib Makeover

On an earlier post I was talking about how bare the toy chest is at our house.  This is my next addition.DIY, Vintage, Makeover,

My youngest grand daughter loves to play with dolls.  She carries one with her everywhere.  She plays dressup, feedings, rocks her baby, goes for walks with her own mini stroller.  I was able to purchase her various outfits, a high chair, even a horse for her doll, but no where could I locate a baby doll crib.

DIY, Makeover, Vintage, This week I went to a garage sale that was full to the rafters, among the mountain I found this little doll crib.  It was still sturdy  and the perfect size.

I sanded it very well, added primer and finally two coats of paint, sanding between each coat.


DIY, Doll, Vintage, MakeoverRemember how old vintage cribs had little animals on them.  I thought of counting sheep for sleeping and found this very sweet lamb on freeprettythingsforyou.

I  printed the lamb to size and then mod podged it onto the doll crib.



DIY, Vintage, Makeover, DollThe crib  came with an old blow up mattress and pillow.  Unfortunately both were full of holes and needed replacing.   I took the inside dimensions of the crib (9.5 ” by 16″ ).  Using some leftover cushion material I added a inch to the length and width for seam allowances (10.5″ by 17″) and cut the material.  I sealed all the outside edges using a zig zag stitch.  Using 3/4 inch seam allowances I sewed all seams except the bottom. I then stuffed the mattress and pillow with folded quilt batting.  Once it was stuffed I sewed the bottom seam closed.

I repeated the same process with the pillow (5″ by 9″).


DIY, vintage, doll, makeoverTo make the duvet I cut the coverlet material the same size as the mattress material.  I  sealed all the edges with a zig zag stitch.  I placed the material good sides facing, pinned the lace to the top edge, making sure to pin the lace out of the seam areas.  I sewed the lace into place first and then both length seams I left a 3″ opening in the bottom seam for turning the duvet right side out.  Once the duvet was turned right side out, I closed the opening.


DIY, sewing, vintage, makeoverI took the measurement for the pillow, again I added an inch to the length and width to allow for seam allowances, and cut the pillowcase material.  I turned the top edges in and pressed.  I then folded the seam edge under.

Once the pillow case was sewn I added lace to the under edge of the case opening and sewed it into place.



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3 thoughts on “Vintage Doll Crib Makeover

  1. Oh how adorable! I know my girls would love to play with this beautiful doll crib! You did an amazing job, the little linens are so cute! I’m so happy that you shared it at Sweet Inspiration this week!

  2. It’s honestly so sweet and pretty. The little sheep decal reminds me of the cribs from when I was a kid in the 80’s! And the Bambi fabric for the linens…eek…so adorable! Love, love!

    1. Hi Shannon: I specifically looked for the little vintage sheep. I remembered her from years ago and sheep on a cradle seemed classic to me. Glad you like it. Leanna

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