Farmhouse Bulletin Board

Inexpensive DIY Farmhouse Bulletin Board

This farmhouse bulletin board is another addition to the girl’s guest room.  My grand parents lived 500 miles away so I went for an extended visit summer.   My grandparents guest room was amazing to me, it had a makeup dresser, a night light (only one I saw like it), a queen size bed and a hand crocheted bedspread. Their guestroom and front porch are my two favorite childhood spots.

My own little ones live a couple hours away and are starting to get old enough to sleep overnight without Mom and Dad.  I want to build happy memories for them like I have.

This one is going in a bedroom and I added some easy fairy accessories.


Farmhouse Bulletin Board 2


Building the Frame

You will need two 1″ by 2″ boards 8 feet long and a small piece of 1/2″ plywood.

Cut the 1 by 2″ into five  pieces –  three 24″ long and two 48″ long.


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Cut a 1/2″ thick piece of plywood to 12″ by 21″

Sand all the pieces very well, stain and let dry.

Place all your pieces together. Make sure their is a small space between the plywood and the 1 by 2  boards.  You will need a little space for the fabric you will attach later.

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I tried to avoid the power tools and make this with a staple gun and glue.  It worked pretty well until I tightened the chicken wire too much and the sides turned outwards.  I  ended up removing all the staples and starting over using the drill and screwdriver. I could have used an air nailer as well.

Bulletin Board Cushion

I used two layers of cardboard for padding, you can use cork board,  a rubber mat, anything that will accept the board pins.  Glue the cardboard to the plywood.

Cut a piece of fabric to 14 by 23″   Press the seams  1/2 inch, so it doesn’t show  on the back when attached.

Place the fabric over the padding, making sure the fabric is tight, staple the fabric to the side of the plywood.

Place the bulletin board inside the frame,

Using a kitchen knife push any ruffled material into the cracks.  Drill and screw into the frame from the bottom and the sides.

Attach the chicken wire with staples along the back.  Pull it snug and staple.

Cover the ends of the wire with white electrical tape, or glue on fabric strips to protect your walls when hanging.

Attach a hanger and start decorating.

I made this arrangement for the girls visit.   I think it would look really cute with farmhouse animal cut outs and a word sign that said, “Life’s Better on the Farm”, or “I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I get a farm tonight”.  You could use a bunch of long grass to dry instead of the flowers.

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bulletin board, farmhouse decor, diy bulletin board, chicken wire home decor

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