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Crochet Faerie Wands

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Is there anything more whimsical and wondrous then the thought of your very own faerie wand?  A genie with three wishes maybe.  Or a pink sparkly girl dragon that flies ( my first wish).  Way better than any old lottery win daydream.  Alas these wands don’t come with a wish granting faerie.

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I have seen many  different designs for very pretty faerie wands.  I knew mine had to be pink and white, with a little bit of sparkle.  I also wanted them to be sturdy but safe.

These wands take a lot of time to make, but are not hard to complete.

You will need a wooden dowel (dollar store) or chopstick.  Gold spray paint, crochet cotton, any leftover material you have, a button, fabric stiffener, needle and thread, ribbon and finally hot glue.

Take the dowel and spray paint it gold.  Set aside.

Crochet a star.  Here is one example I found, there are many different patterns on line.

All Free Crochet Star Pattern

Once your star is crocheted create a tiny loop on the back

Slip stitch in back of star.  Chain 12, sl stitch in back of star, ch2, sl st to star, turn, dc to end of row, sl to star forming a loop. Tie off.

Stiffen the star using either fabric stiffener or sugar starch.

Make or buy a fabric flower.

Tulle Flower

For the tulle flowers cut 10  circles about 1.5 inches wide. Place two cotton circles to form the base.  Cover with 8 tulle circles.

Place the button in the middle and sew through all 10 layers and the button.  Tie a knot in the back, and reinforce with hot glue.  Fluff the tulle, set aside.

Place the dowel through the star  loop.  Tie a ribbon above and below the loop.  Sew the ribbon, crochet loop, second ribbon together.

Sew the flower to the crocheted star.  Make sure you sew some of the stitches through to the ribbon.

Reinforce everything with hot glue.

The crocheted star is stiff, but not hard or heavy.  If your little one “makes a wish” with it,  the star will crush.,

May all your wishes come true.

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Sharing helps my blog grow

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