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Glass Container Farmhouse Makeovers

I get blog inspiration from various sources, part of my home that needs a makeover or something I see while shopping (ex. Benjamin Moore now sells chalk paint), Then their are the materials I have laying around that need to get used, something my grand daughters are interested in and Pinterest of course. Sometimes ideas come from a theme like crochet, baking, painting, silhouette, shabby chic, faeries, or an upcoming holiday.  My blog is very young and so far I haven’t run out of ideas.  This time the post is another simple quick farmhouse makeover.

 These vases were super fast and super inexpensive to complete.  These three vases took me under an hour to update and cost about $7.00 because I couldn’t find any rope in the garage.

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I created separate rope tubes for the assorted vases to slide into.  I was really cautious not to get any glue on my vases.

You will need any container you like, jute rope, needle , thread, and a hot glue gun.

Using the vase as a guide, wrap the vase with jute rope.  Sew, (or if braver than me , glue) the rope as you wrap.  Once you have the rope as high as you’d like, remove from the vase.

Now apply lots and lots of glue until the formed rope is able to stand and hold together by itself.  Then carefully add the vase and of course any decorations.

Brown Paper Bag Update

I often see the 10 minute craft projects.  Nothing I make ever takes just ten minutes, but this one is pretty darn fast.   Free was also a bonus.

I really think these little containers would be very cute sitting side table will all kinds of little nibblies in them.

Farmer Paper Back Snack Jar

I always use this little jar as a candle holder, its held coffee beans, candy corn, popcorn, sand, and various coloured pebbles.  This time I found a different purpose.

Like all the other quick farmhouse updates I didn’t want to make any permanent changes.


To make the brown bag makeover, you will need, a container, elastics, a lunch paper and any material you like for ruffling.

Take four or more elastics and place over the top of the jar.  This creates a ridge that prevents the lace from slipping.

Gather the lace with long basting stitches, place around the bowl, pull until snug, and tie.

Cut off the top of a brown paper lunch bag and roll the top over twice to make a nice edge.  Place the bag into the bowl, making sure to cover the lace edge.

Add whatever items that appeal.

Now I have a perfectly good excuse to eat chips.


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5 thoughts on “Glass Container Farmhouse Makeovers

  1. I like the fact that everything you created isn’t permanent. Good job with the rope containers!! I’m sure that took some patience, but it paid off!

    1. Thanks Melody. These are pretty standard containers I wanted to save them to use another day.


  2. These are super cute. I would love to add something like this to out bathroom. It would be nice to have something to look at besides my clutter. 🙂

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