Purple Lily Faerie Dress

I have never sewn regularly, mending torn jeans, making halloween costumes, taking a dress in (or out), was all the sewing I did for a long time.   The cost of patterns and material to “learn” just was not practical.  Now I putter at sewing, I make curtains from sheet material, chair covers from  drapes, sew all kinds of seasonal cushions.  I  buy material now but not patterns, at least not yet.

Purple Fairy Barbie DIYI thought I would try to make a couple of barbie doll faerie costumes.  My inspiration for this outfit was a purple lily.

Once I had the design figured out, this little dress was very easy to sew. It has no buttons, or zippers and uses very little material.

You will need:

3/4 meter of flowing material, acetate, or nylon that melts  for the ruffle skirt and matching wings.

2 feet of small stiff cord, or  fine wire

Coordinating scraps of material for dress

Needle, thread, sewing machine, candle, lighter

Embroidery thread and feathers (optional)

Make the short under dress:

Purple Fairy DIY cutoutCut two pieces of material.  6″ by 2.5″ for bodice, and 6″ by 7. 5″ for skirt.

Seal all edges with applique or zig zag stitch, turn over 1/4 inch seam on all sides and press.





Faery tiny seamsAll seams are 1/8 inch, or as small as you can work on your machine.





Purple Fairy Bodice DartsTo make the bodice.  Sew top seam, fit to doll, mark and sew darts in front.  Check fit and adjust if needed.

To make skirt, baste  stitch along long side, gather until width measures same as bodice.  Pin right sides of skirt and bodice together and sew.

Sew the hem.



I embroidered a simple straight stitch design augmented with some french knots using 3 strands of embroidery thread.  I placed it along the darts and neckline.

Make the flowing cover skirt:

Faerie Dress BackviewCut a 1″ by 7″ piece of material for the waist band.

Seal the edges of the 1.5″ circle with a zigzag or applique stitch.   Seal all the outside seams of the waist band.

Using a candle, melt all the other edges of the circles.

Do a basting stitch at the waist of each circle, gathering the ruffles.  Pin and sew.  Repeat with the other three circles.


Starting with the largest circle, layer the circles on top of each other.  Match up the waist seams. Pin and sew.

Take the cut waist band.  Fold and iron the 1/4″ all around.  Fold over the top of the skirt to form the waist band.  Pin and sew.

Wrap around the waist leaving a gap at the front, mark the placement for the Velcro then attach.

Make the wings:

Fold a piece of material large enough to cover your wing.  Make a simple wing oval shape using the cord.  Sew a zigzag stitch over the cord.  Repeat for the other wing.

Twist the cords together to form a bridge, trim the excess material away from the wings. Use a lit candle to melt the outside edges.

Fairy Wing AttachAttach the wings using the Velcro of the under dress.

You can sew on feathers as adornment if you like.



I think she turned out pretty lovely for the first one.  Purple Lily Fairy I am going to make some more of these.

Let me know your thoughts or ideas.





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