For the first time I have had the same yard for three summers; finally enough time to see the the perennials I planted start to become established.  My Mom’s favorite flower was the peony, she always had one by her front door.  This is the first peony I have managed to keep until the blooming stage.

Unfortunately I did really expected blossoms and they blossomed while we were away.
I returned home to a flat plant.  However,  the plant was still healthy (yippee) so I was to fix it up.

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I didn’t want to use stakes because the sticks are so ugly, I tried a tomato cage but it crushed a couple of the blossoms while I was trying to install it.  Afraid of destroying all the blossoms I went in search of a better solution.

I went to a couple more garden centers and dollar stores before finding a stand that could work.  It was green, kind of flimsy, but consisted of three loops that could slide.  This  allowed me to feed the blossoms through and then individually place the loops where needed.  Once that was installed, I used green wire to bolster the plant.  I wasn’t sure the stand was strong enough to hold the blossom up but it worked great, and being green it doesn’t show that much.

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We did it.

I am really proud of this darlings,  I had to share.

Happy Summer !!!!   Leanna

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