Faerie Petunia Dress with Crochet Wing Shrug

My toy box is kind of pathetic.  It’s contents consist of a large 30 year old Brio train set, a   couple garage sale Fisher Price finds I put through the dishwasher and some preschool books. I am adding to it with a few new items.  I started  with a barbie doll and a couple little dresses that convert into faerie costumes.  This is the first one I have finished.  

Crochet Fairy

It took an hour to crochet the faerie shrug and about two hours for cut and sew the dress.  It uses very little crochet cotton or material, the cost is very minimal.

Crochet Fairy Wing Shrug

To make the wings you will need white crochet cotton and a 2.75 mm crochet hook.

Ch 11, turn.

10 sc, turn.

Ch 16 turn.

13 sc (on the chain)  3 chain lefts, slip stitch twice, turn.

Slip stitch, 12 sc to end and turn.

Sc in second sc, 11 sc, slipstitch in last chain, 10 sc across to the start, turn.

10 sc, dec, 9 sc,ch 2, turn.

sc in second chain, 9 sc,slip stitch twice, 8 sc, slip stitch, turn.

9 sc, slip stitch twice, 6sc, ch 2, turn.

Sc in second chain, 6 sc, slip stitch twice, 6 sc, slip stitch x 2, turn.

From second stitch 6 sc, slip stitch twice, 4 sc, ch 2, turn.

Sc in second chain, 3 sc, slip stitch twice, 3 sc, 3 slip stitch.

Ch 2, sc in second chain, sc on the first stitch where chain was made, 4 sc, slip stitch twice, ch 2, turn.

Sc in second chain, 5sc, 2 chain turn.

Sc in second chain, sc, 3 slip stitch, chain, turn.

Sc in second chain, 3sc, 2 chain turn.

Sc in second chain, sc, slip stitch, 2 chain, turn.

Sc in second chain, 2 sc. Finish off.

Repeat for second wing.

Basic wing pattern was taken from the following post – Shara Star

To convert the wings into a Barbie shrug:

Attach thread to top of wing with ss, 11 sc down rows, skip 2 sc in next row. Chain 8.

Attach to other wing (to find placement count down 11 stitched from top, sc 2 turn.

(Ch 5, skip 2, sc) 3x, chain 20, 2 sc in bottom portion of wing (forms arm loop), ch 2, turn.

Dc 18 ( cap sleeve), sc in next st on wing, ch2

Working across bridge to other wing. 8 dc, 2 sc in next stitch (on wing).

Ch 20, 2 sc in next stitch attach to bottom wing. (forming loop)ch 2 turn.

DC 18, sc working up wing (Ch 5, skip 2, sc) 3x, sc, tie off.

Fairy Wing ClosePlease note: The lengths of the chains were designed to fit the Barbie I have, allowing room to slide the shrug on the doll.  You may need to adjust for your Barbie.

I stiffened the wings using fabric stiffener, forming them to the doll afterwards.



images_0014_Garlands 031

To make the dress:

You will need scraps of material, needle, thread, sewing machine.

Purple Fairy DIY cutoutCut two pieces of material.  6″ by 2.5″ for bodice, and 6″ by 7. 5 ” for skirt.

Cut four pieces of tulle 6 inches by 13 inches.

Seal all edges with applique or zig zag stitch.  Turn over 1/4 inch seam on all sides and press.




All seams are 1/8 inch, or as small as possible on your sewing machine.

Purple Fairy Bodice DartsTo make the bodice.  Sew top seam, fit to doll, mark and sew darts in front as shown. Check fit and adjust if needed.






To make skirt, baste  stitch along long side, gather until width measures same as bodice.  Pin right sides together and sew.

Sew hem.

Attach fairy tulleAttach tulle.  Start at the bottom, base stitch and gather the tulle.  Pin the edge making sure it is the same width as the skirt.

Repeat with three other layers, moving up a little bit for each layer.

Sew back seam.  Leave half inch  below waist unsewn .  Stop when you reach tulle.

Fit dress on doll and attach velcro closure.

I originally started to make this with a crochet bottom skirt.  It looked too bridal.  I may make one at another time.



I will likely make a few more barbie outfits over the summer.  Barbie dolls don’t take up much storage space.  The girls will be able to play with them for the next few years.  The outfits are a great way to use up tidbits of material, and I think its kind of kewl for them to have something that’s a Grama  original.

I think these will make a nice little surprise  addition to the toy chest.


images_0014_Garlands 031



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