I began the afternoon sitting on a huge pile of small driftwood bits.  Gunter calmly sitting beside me enjoying the day.  I started by pecking through the wood searching for different shapes that I could put to practical use.  While sitting there I saw so many gorgeous pieces of wood, all weather beaten and sun dried into almost rock hardness.  The wood came in a startling array of colours, forms and textures. I eventually quit looking for little pieces; giving up the search to the enticement of the natural surroundings.  This is one of several photos I took that day.

Perfectly Ordered Disorder

It struck me how I can spend an hour trying to envision the curve I need to mold a piece of wire. Or the hours of sanding and staining required to pull out the natural grain and texture of wood.  How much conscious effort it can take to try and get it just “right”. Nature on the other hand seems to effortlessly toss items with wild abandon and create breathtaking sculpture seemingly by accident.

This mesmerizing pile of large driftwood was created by the west coast winter storm waves of Port San Juan, B.C. (Port Renfrew bay).

You can lose an hour pretty quickly in places like these.


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