Crocheted Floral Faerie Headband

I make crochet headbands for the girls, Shannon and the girls love them, and she says they wear them all the time. Shannon suggested putting some crochet crafts on the blog; as it is finally spring in northern Canada, I chose to design this simple lacy floral headband.

Floral Headband

I included an elastic back to help the headband stay in place, and to vary the size if needed.

You will need:

2  pony tail holder elastics

White, pink, and yellow 10W crochet cotton, and a 3.5 mm crochet hook.

Ponytail holder knotStart by laying the two elastic on top of each other, pull one through, and tighten.





Chain 5

Incorporate the into the first row.

row 1, sl st around elastic, 4 sc around elastic, ch 2, turn. (4 stitches)

row 2 – 2dc in each sc, ch2, turn (8 stitches)

row 3 -* skip 2 , 3dc in next space, skip 1, 3dc in next space, 1dc in top of chain 2.

Chain 2, turn*. Repeat until desired length.

row 4 – 7 dc, dc in last chain of previous row. ch 2

row 5 –  1 dc in every second stitch, ch1 turn, (4 stitches)

row 6 – sc in each stitch around elastic (4 stitches) ss, tie  off.


faerie flowersI made 4 pink and 4 yellow flowers.

Ch 5, sl st, to form ring, ch1.

10 sc in loop, slst in ch1.

sc, in 2nd stitch from hook, *sc,hdc,2dc,hdc, sc*, (one petal) skip sc, repeat from ** four more times (five petals) sl, tie off.

Sew to headband as desired.

These crochet headbands crochet together easily in one evening.  I think they would be special  party guest favors at a child’s fairy birthday party.   I create small batches of these for the girls dress up trunk so they have lots to share with their little cousins.

Here are some pictures of previous headbands I made for them and their dress up trunk.

Here is the pattern from A Place Where Yarn Meets Fun

crochet is relaxing, in the morning with coffee and in the evening with wine


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