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Bohemian Faerie Wings

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At Christmas I bought my eldest granddaughter a set of fairy wings, they light up and she loves them, but they protrude too much.  The wings knock things over, get caught in her little sister’s hair, and get tangled.

For my youngest granddaughter I wanted to make fairy wings that were close to her back and didn’t stick out past her shoulders. My inspiration for this design is the luna moth. The colour contrast of the purple against the bright green is so just striking and different.

Forest Fairy Peek-a-boo
Forest Fairy Peek-a-Boo

To make the wings you will need:

 poster paper (newspaper is fine)
4 wire coat hangers (white preferred)
white tape (electrical or white bandage tape works)
2 pairs of children’s white leotards (green in you can find them)
pen highlighters, bright green, dark purple , white, soft blue, and beige craft paint
glue gun
needle and thread
½ inch foam brush, fine paint brush
4 baby safety pins (for attaching instead of elastic)
floral of your choice

Wing Frame

To make sure the wings don’t protrude, measure your child across the shoulders and the distance from neck to waist.

faerie, fairy, diy, craftsUsing these measurements draw out a basic pattern on a poster board.






Unravel the coat hangers. Using the outline as a guide, start with an one inch protrusion for the center connector and bend the wires into the wing shapes.

Once you have the wire molded in the shape of the outline, take a hammer and pound out any twists that prevent it from lying flat.  Repeat for the remaining three sections.

To ensure uniformity re-check your wire frame to the outline pattern.

Cut the leg portions off the leotards and pull the legging over each section of the wire frame. Pull tight, tie a simple knot in the back and cut off any excess. Repeat for all four sections.


Nature is beautiful and comes in a wide array of designs, your painting doesn’t have to be perfect, just try to be as symmetrical as you can. I used a photo of a luna moth as a guide.

faerie wing outlineDo a casual outline of the purple markings with a highlighter.

Fill in remainder of the wings with green paint. (I painted the wings on both sides.)





Using a fine brush, fill in the purple markings. Add white markings, then soft blue. Finally paint on the beige markings and let dry.

Wing Assembly

faerie wing portions
Lower Wings

Using your drawn outline as a guide, line up the lower wings. Attach the wings at the top and bottom with a few hand sewn stitches. Reinforce on the back with glue.

Upper Wings

Line up the two top wings over the lower wings. Overlap the two protruding wires and wrap with white tape as shown above. Sew the top of the wings together, reinforce with glue.  Glue the upper wings to the bottom wings with hot glue.

Floral Arrangement

bohemian faerie wings finishedYou need to make an arrangement to camouflage the attachment wires. Apply greenery, two pieces on each side, add a focal flower in the middle, and reinforce with hot glue.

These wings match a tutu and crown , so I chose matching flowers and leaves.  You can use any type of flower, I think a ladybug, a butterfly or a tulle flower would all look cute.              aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




baby safety pinsUse baby safety pins to attach the wings.  Make sure the pins have locking closures.

I saw some fairy wings attached by sewing on elastic that wraps over the child’s arms.  I prefer to use  baby baby safety pins as they seem a more comfortable alternative.



Our little one loved the wings, she played in the yard with the dog, climbed on her slide and had no issues with the wings catching on anything.

DIY, tutu, costume, faeries
This way, follow me.

I love these costumes on the girls.   Leanna

Sharing helps my blog grow

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