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Faerie Bean Bag Toss

5Summer is finally starting here.  The deck doors are open, Gunter can wander in and out as he pleases.  I  have even worked on some craft projects outside in the sunshine.  LOVE IT.  I am focusing on updating the children’s play items,  they will want to be outside as well I am sure.  This is my latest addition.

A game played outdoors with ladybugs, butterflies and sparkly hoola hoops, that’s the faerie bean bag game.

Faeries Bean Bags
Let’s Go Outside and Play

To make this game you will need.






2 hula hoops

felt in assorted colours

scissors, needle and thread (sewing machine)


2 plastic bags


enclosed patterns (butterfly and ladybug)

To make the Butterfly:

Faerie butterfly

Cut out all the felt pieces,  you will need two full patterns, one body and two of each of the wing patterns.

Applique the detail pieces to the front of the butterfly.


Place the right sides together and sew about 1/2 inch in.  Leave a 2 ” gap open for stuffing.   Once sewn, turn right side out.

fairy bean openingStuff a small plastic bag inside the butterfly, fill with beans until just full (not overstuffed) and tie closed with a knot.

Sew the opening by hand.




To make the Ladybug:

The lady bug follows the same basic process as the butterfly:

Faerie ladybug cutoutCut out all the pattern pieces, you will need 2 bodies, 2 wings, 4 antennas, 1 heart, and 9 spots.

Sew two of the antennas together, repeat with the other two.  This will make them thicker and less likely to tear.




fairy ladybug preparedApplique the heart and spots to the wings.

Applique the wings to the body.

Pin the antenna to the right side of the main body as shown.

Pin the right sides together and sew 1/2 inch in, leaving a 2″ gap for stuffing.


Turn right side out and insert a plastic bag.  Fill with beans and tie with a knot.

Hand stitch the gap to close.

You will need a minimum of four butterflies and four ladybugs.  Place the two hula hoops several feet apart.  Standing beside the opposite hula hoop toss the bean bags.  Whoever gets the most bugs in the hoop wins.

5Beautiful artwork is courtesy of


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