Whimsical Faerie Headband

This headband will fit a little girl or an adult.  I think it would look amazing tucked into a braid.  It takes several hours to make.

Faerie HeadbandYou will need green, purple variegated, and white 10 w crochet cotton and a 3.5 mm crochet hook.




To make this headband I started by creating the flowers.

Faerie FlowersYour will need 1 large pansy, 4 rolled roses, and 12 small flowers.





crochet large pansy:

I included pictures for the pansy, as its not as complicated as the pattern sounds.

Using purple variegated crochet cotton.

Ch 6 and join with sl st to form a loop.

round 1 –  Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, (ch 7, 3 dc in ring) 4 times; ch 7. Join with sl st to top of ch-3.

round 2 – Ch 3, (skip 1 dc, dc in next dc, 15 tr in next sp, dc in next dc) 3 times; this will make the first three smaller petals.

* skip 1 dc, dc in next dc, ch 1, in next sp make (tr, ch 1) twice; (d tr, ch 1) 3 times;
(tr tr, ch 1) 5 times; (d tr, ch 1) 3 times and (tr, ch 1) twice; dc in next dc, ch 1. (fourth petal)

Repeat from * until another large petal is completed. Join and fasten off.

crochet rolled roses:

Using white cotton.

Chain 16, turn.

round 1 – starting from the 2nd hole, sc in each  stitch (15 stitches), chain 2, turn.

round 2 – 1 dc, in each stitch (15 stitched) slst. Tie off.

Roll the crochet into a rose shape.

crochet small flowers:

Using purple variegated cotton, chain 5, ss to form loop.

round 1 – 6 sc in loop.

round 2 – *2ch, 2tr into the circle, 2ch and the ss into the circle* ( one petal). Repeat from * to * four more time for five petals.

Once the flowers are crocheted start the vine.

crochet the vine:

Chain 20, turn.

Row 1 – * *ss in second ch from the hook  work along chain[dc, htr, tr, dc, 2ss]* to make one leaf.11ch, turn and make another leaf .

Turn every second leaf to left hand side by pass the completed leaf over the working yarn.

Repeat until chain is preferred length.  I wanted to have long pieces dangling down, so my vine is 40 inches long.

Set aside leaving end loop open, you will continue crocheting once the flowers are attached.

attach the flowers

For every flower, take the tails of the flower, pull through adjacent spaces in the vine, and knot tightly.  Weave the tails into the vine.  (I used a darning needle)

Fold the vine in half to find center. Place the large pansy two inches left of center,  and attach.

Attach three rolled roses to one side of the pansy  and one on the other side.  Add more stitches to stabilize the roses together if required.

Sew one flower to each end of the vine.  Add remaining small flowers along the vine placing as you like.

Once you have all the flowers attached.

Start with a second row on the vine,* sc, in 1st hole, sc around vine,* repeat for entire length of vine cord.  This will strengthen the cord, and cover all the woven in flower tails.

Place large pansy on side of forehead, attach the headband with bobby pins.

Tips and Lessons Learned

This pattern is simple, but working with cotton thread isn’t easy for novice crocheters.  If you want to practice, I suggest trying some of the stitches with larger wool, and a large crochet hook.  Once your comfortable make the headband.


This site is an good resource for stitch tutorials  and patterns.   http://www.allfreecrochet.com/

I used the following link as a guide for the vine leaves.  If you would like a small daintier vine, I suggest following this link, its beautiful .




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