Master Bedroom Refresh

Our home has a small master bedroom.  I can live with that.   We  painted the bedroom three years ago in blue, Herman’s favorite colour.

Bedroom BeforeThe blue was great to start with, but it gradually turned darker. The bedroom has two small windows and lighting is a challenge.  I tried lightening the room with white bedding, it helped a little, but it was still very dark.   The  awful builder grade light fixture gave off no light, it really had become a dark cave.  It was bothering me and Herman agreed we needed to make it brighter.


I needed to keep the change as inexpensive as possible, we ended up redoing the room for less than $300, including paint, fixtures, artwork, and bedding.

We purchased Benjamin Moore White Diamond for the walls, and got a discount chandelier from Lowe’s   that Herman tweaked.  It took some coaxing to get Herman to consider such a large light fixture in the bedroom, but I love it.

Bedroom redo

I did most of my shopping in our house.   The blue coverlet I had stored, became the bedspread. I folded the old duvet and used it as the coverlet.  The blue candle ornaments on the large dresser came from the living room, and the little blue bird on the nightstand moved upstairs from the back entrance.

We rearranged the furniture. Added accessories, purchased some European size cushions;  leaving me with a large blank wall.

Good MorningI found a large 46″ square brass frame at a local thrift store for $3.00 (never happens), spray painted both the frame and the canvas background flat white.

Using silhouette and vinyl I cut out Good Morning Gorgeous,  the wall still wasn’t quite full.  I went to Home Sense and got two more coordinating signs with positive encouragement sayings.   If I had any other old canvas photos laying around I would have painted them and added the sayings myself.  It turned out the pictures with sayings on them were cheaper than purchasing fresh canvases.

It’s not a huge renovation, but it is now bright and cheerful, including paint, lighting, and art we refreshed the room over the weekend for less than $300.

Best part, I was still able to keep the room blue for Herman.


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