Hummingbird Cake in a Jar

Hummingbird Cake a Classic Southern Recipe

As we are a family of two most of the time, instead of dealing with preserving a whole cake, I layered the cake into 8 mason jars and froze it in single portions.

I admit rather large single portionsbut Herman’s not complaining.

faerie hummingbird cake


Cake Recipe

Preheat oven to 350.  Prepare 13 by 9 inch pan with butter and flour, set aside.

To make the cake:

In large bowl add all the dry ingredients:

3 c flour                                                                                  aa  1 tsp soda

2 c sugar                                                                                  aa2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp salt

Blend together and make a well in the middle.

hummingbird cake bowl Cake, Baking Recipe, cake recipe, southern recipe, hummingbird cake cake in a jar.Add the following wet ingredients into the well.

3 eggs

1   1/2 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups oil


Mix the wet ingredients together without incorporating the dry ingredients. (less dishes to wash)  Once the wet ingredients are blended, incorporate the dry ingredients.

hummingbird bananas,Cake, Baking Recipe, cake recipe, southern recipe, hummingbird cake cake in a jar.In separate bowl,  mash bananas, stir in pineapple,pecans.

4 large bananas  (2 cups mashed)

1 cup crushed pineapple (20 oz can drained save rest)

1 cup crushed pecans


Add banana mixture to cake batter.  Stir until just mixed and pour into prepared pan.  Bake at 35o for 25-30 minutes, until light brown.  Let cool.

I layered with cream cheese icing, but whipped cream or ice cream will work too.

Icing Recipe

In a stand mixer cream together:

8 oz cream cheese                                                                 1/2 cup butter

Beat until very pale yellow.


3 cups icing sugar                                                                   2 tsp vanilla

Start the mixer on low (or face the mess).  When combined turn the mixer back on high, push down the sides occasionally and whip until very fluffy.  About 10 minutes.

Assemble into Jars

You will need 8 wide mouth 500 ml (pint) mason jars.

1/2 cup praline (skor) bits

remaining drained pineapple (1 cup)

Using a large round cutter cut the cake into circles, place 1 layer in each of the jars.

cake cutout


cake layers,Cake, Baking Recipe, cake recipe, southern recipe, hummingbird cake cake in a jar.

Layer with 1 tbsp pineapple, then the icing and finally the 1 tsp praline (skor) bits.

Repeat with a second layer.





Serve right away, or seal with saran wrap, and then the jar lid.


  • To get smaller serving sizes build single layers into 250 ml jars
  • To neatly layer the icing use a icing bag.  Squeeze icing along outside of jar and fill in towards the middle.  If you don’t have an icing bag, a freezer bag with a small hole cut in the corner will work.
  • If you add the icing sugar while mixing, or start the mixer on high, icing literally flies everywhere.

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